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Julie Feeney


Julie Feeney


Julie’s Official Website

Listen to all Julie’s albums here

Julie Feeney (MMT) is a singer, orchestrator, songwriter and producer Julie Feeney is winner of the Choice Music Prize for ‘Irish Album of the Year' (Ireland's equivalent of the Mercury Music Prize) for her self-produced debut album on which she played most of the instruments herself. She combines her “mesmerizing stage presence and eccentric pop genius” (Hot Press) with her unquestionably original sound, and her innovative, avant-garde approach, while rooted in classical music, straddles both the pop and theatrical worlds. For her recent sell-out 10 show run in New York City at IAC, the New York Times said of Julie, “…intricate, articulate…draws on sources across centuries…Ms. Feeney's songs don't shout. They tease, ponder, reminisce, philosophize and invent parables, and she sings them in a plush, changeable mezzo-soprano that usually holds a kindly twinkle”. The New York Times concluded, “…a brainy adventurous songwriter lives within the flamboyant theatricality…with songs that set character studies and philosophical musings in elaborate musical confections, often with long, internally rhymed lines… Theatrical on the shell, intricate at the core”. Sharp witted, unpretentious and fiercely passionate, Julie Feeney is a genuine artist and a hugely enjoyable performer.


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The Dying Seconds Band



Dying Seconds

The Dying Seconds are; David Cantan, Jack Quilligan (MMT ), Gary Donald, Charlie Keegan, Naomi Moriarity and Mark Rooney (MMT).

Visit their Official Website here.



Their latest album Glimmerers is out now

Dying Seconds


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Official Website

Vimeo channel


Lakker Live


Spider Silk (Killekill 005)

Video by Dara Smith (MMT Graduate)

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Lamont / Bailey / Wall

lamont bailey wall

Lamont/Bailey/Wall have been a going concern since summer 2010. They are Ian Lamont (guitar, keyboards, singing)(MMT), James Bailey (bass guitar))(MMT),  Patrick Wall (electronics, singing))(MMT). They play electronic influenced pop music. Think Bizarre Love Triangle meets Paul Simon solo, all crisp, sweet and neurotic.

Their recent EP is available to listen/buy on their Official Website

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Johnny Fox

Johnny Fox


Johnny Fox (MMT 2006), from Wexford, Ireland, and currently living in São Paulo, Brazil, writes and records music. His latest Digital Album – Silence Is Golden is available to listen/download.

Johnny’s Official Website

Johnny also writes and records as part of The River Fane

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Pauric O’Connor



Pauric O’ Connor (MMT) has recently recorded an album.  He used to be in the Band, The lights, with Julien Lonchamp (MMT) on bass.  He is now with his current band, The Band of Cloud. 

You can listen to a song recorded with the band The Lights.

Pauric keeps a really interesting blog at Song of the week blog

Pauric’s Official Website


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Empty Riff Productions


Empty Riff

Empty Riff Productions is a project-based studio located in Ranelagh, Dublin 6 set up by Tony O’Brien (MMT).

It was set up by an aspiring music producer, for developing musicians, as a means to their recording ends.  Empty Riff has several past mmt graduates on its artists list.  Julie Dillon (MMT) and Eric McGrath (MMT).

Empty Riff Official Website

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Eric McGrath



Eric McGrath (MMT) has recently released his album – Little Ripples

You can listen to Eric’s music on his beautifully designed Official Website

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Waveform Studios



Waveform studios was set up by Giles Packham (MMT), Giles is managing director of the studio.   Established in 2002, Waveform Studios has forged a solid reputation as one of Ireland's leading music composition and audio post production providers and offers a one-stop shop for all your audio needs. The studio is conveniently based in the heart of Dublin's business district beside government buildings. Working creatively to all types of briefs and to tight deadlines is second nature here, and we deliver on time, every time.

Waveform Studios Official Website

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Forwind (pronounced forwYnd) is a multi-genre label currently operating from London and Manchester. The label's roster includes Atom Eye, Jeff Carey, Sonnamble, Clang Sayne, Tomonari Nozaki and many others. According to their mission statement :

"We're not worried about fitting neatly into one section in the record shop. Our passion is for adventurous music with a serious attention to detail, from the performance to the production.
Our aim is to provide a platform for music that maximises the expressive potential of sound, instruments and voices either through physical or electronic means, whether composed, constructed or improvised."

The label was founded by Conor Curran (MMT) in 2008.




Sonnamble, now based in London, was formed in 2009 by Conor Curran (MMT) and Peter Marsh to explore the possibilities of live improvisational playing and real time digital processing. Two albums were released featuring Marsh’s stringed instruments (lap steel guitar, double bass and bass guitar) fed through Curran’s custom software routines. These received some critical acclaim and airplay on both the BBC and RTE, drawing comparisons with the likes of Christian Fennesz.


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