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What is a LENS report?

imaeg of staff studying ISL

A Learning Education Needs Summary (LENS) is produced following registration with the Disability Services and an assessment of needs with a Disability Officer. This needs assessment helps determine the level of services the student requires. During a needs assessment, students meet with one of the Disability Officers and discuss the following areas:

  • Nature of disability or condition: impact on education, individual strengths and difficulties;
  • Treatment: any medication they are taking, outpatient's appointments, such as physiotherapy;
  • Previous support: what arrangements were made at secondary school, if any;
  • Current and future difficulties: what difficulties does the student anticipate they may have with their course;
  • Access to equipment and IT facilities;
  • Appropriate support.

Once agreed by the student, the LENS is passed on to the relevant staff within the College (i.e. teaching staff, DS personnel, College Tutor) to help them also provide assistance. Should the students' needs or requirements change, students should inform their Disability Officer. To view an example of the LENS form click here.


Last updated 19 May 2017 (Email).