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What is a LENS/PLENS Report?

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What is a LENS Report?

Following a Needs Assessment Process, the student’s Disability Officer prepares an Individual Learning Educational Needs Summary (LENS) report. The LENS details the disability supports to be implemented.

How is the LENS shared with Schools/Departments?

The information outlined in the LENS is communicated to the relevant School via SharePoint. All students in a particular School will have their support needs summarized on a group excel sheet. Only students with higher support needs will have individual reports.

What is my responsibility as a staff member in regards to the LENS?

Staff members who are responsible for teaching students with LENS reports must do the following:

  • Read the report in full.
  • Implement the recommended reasonable accommodations outlined in the report.
  • Raise any concerns about the implementation of a recommendation from a LENS report with the Disability Service as soon as possible.

What is a PLENS Report?

A Professional Placement Report (PLENS) details reasonable accommodations requested by the student that can be provided by the placement and professional course. These reasonable accommodations are determined in consultation with the Placement Co-Ordinator and the Placement Educator. For more information on the Professional Placement process, please click here.