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Information for Staff with a Disability

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The Code of Practice Applying to the Employment of People with Disabilities is the core document which outlines the University's commitment to supporting staff with disabilities. The code of practice describes entitlements and duties regarding staff with disabilities. It also describes manager's obligations to implement the code.

These guidelines are designed as an information resource: they are by no means exhaustive or prescriptive. For further guidance please refer to the Code of Practice or sources of contact.

Information for Teaching & Professional Staff

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The number of students with disabilities in Trinity increases every year. This means that as a university community, we need to be aware of the types of disabilities and the ways in which disability may impact on students in a university environment. We must recognise that in many instances the university environment can create ‘disability’ by following practices that are non-inclusive and are barriers to participation. Willingness among staff to accommodate and support students makes a significant difference to a student’s experience of higher education.

Information for Teaching and Professional Staff includes information on how to support students with disabilities, information about Learning Educational Needs Summaries, and the role of the Academic Liaison Officer (ALO). Reasonable Accommodations are explained in a downloadable booklet. To download, click on this link.

To browse Frequently Asked Questions for Staff, click on this link.

Please see the most recent Disability Service Annual Report for student statistics, the breakdown of disability types in Trinity and further information about the Disability Service activities. See also the Trinity College Equality Policy.