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Managing your reasonable accommodations

Your LENS report

During your needs assessment your Disability Officer will explain the different levels of disclosure that are available to you.If you are provided with examination accommodations the Exams Office and academic staff teaching on your degree programme, will be aware of your accommodations, so complete anonymity is not possible.

Some students with significant needs have a Learning Educational Needs Summary (LENS). The information in the LENS report is made available to the relevant staff within the University (i.e. teaching staff, Disability Service personnel, your Tutor) to help them also provide assistance.

You may, of course, choose not to disclose a disability to Trinity staff, although we would always advise students to do so.

LENS Sample

How are academic staff notified about my disability, and the supports that I receive?

If you decide that staff should be informed that you are registered with Disability Service, and that you have examination accommodations, your name will appear on the LENS list. You may additionally decide that academic staff in your School of study should receive a copy of your LENS.

Image of a demo LENS form sent to staff

Contact the Academic Liaison Officer (ALO) in your Department

In some situations students may need to contact the Academic Liaison Officer (ALO) in their Department or School.The ALO should acts as a communication route in each department for issues related to students with disabilities. They circulate the LENS list and LENS reports which are produced for students registered with the Disability Service.

Academic Liaison officers are also responsible for:

  • Being a first point of information on disability issues within the School/Department.
  • Making course directors, course co-ordinators, year co-ordinators etc aware of students and the dissemination of information through LENS.

You can check the name of your Academic liaison Officer (ALO) by clicking this link.

Students who require exam accommodations in departmental, in house or in class assessments, should contact the Department, School or member of academic staff directly.Please click on this link.

Similarly, the Disability Service does not arrange extensions to assessment deadlines, or provide confirmation of absence from Trinity due to illness.Students should contact the Department, School or member of academic staff directly.

Who else will know about my registration with the Disability Service?

If you enter via DARE - the SITS system will record your entry code as 968.  Only members of staff with read rights to your portal (lecturers, school, tutor) will see this code.