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Assistive Technology (AT) for the Workplace? Can this work?

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AT is a term used to describe all of the tools, products, and devices, from the simplest to the most complex that can make a particular function easier or possible to perform. In short AT is getting the technology to work you and in the format that best suit your needs and abilities. Ensuring good support channels and information available to all parties is a vital factor to a successful engagement with assistive technology.  Something that might seem simple for you to understand might be confusing to a prospective employer if not explained in the right way.  A high level of technology abandonment may also occur because people who buy them are unable to integrate them into their everyday lives.

Matching employees and Technology (MET) assessment tool

To aid students in bridging the gap between using there acquired assistive technology at university and their movement into the employment, the Disability Service in Trinity College have developed a short assessment tool that allows the exiting students to map their use and support network of their assistive technology support.   It also raises awareness amongst future employers on how such work accommodations may play a role in increasing access to information and completing their expected duties.

The below MET assessment tool, which is available to all student via there e-portfolio Pebblepad system, is designed to be a concise assessment allowing both the exiting student or current employee to highlight areas of concern for future use of assistive technology, that may have been previously used within an educational environment. The tool developed is a collaboration with the universities assistive technology officer looks at 4 main areas:

  1. The student/ employee ability
  2. AT currently used and its objectives
  3. How it fits with the users day to day activities
  4. Links to external support resources for further support and help.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, please contact our AT Officer, Andrew at