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Work Experiences in College

Think about your work experiences while you are studying in Trinity; your exams, your assignments, your classes. Before you started, it was difficult to know how to manage them but once you got going and had some support was it a bit easier? Work experiences will be similar so you must make preparations BEFORE you start!!

You may need to consider some things about work such as:

  • Do I need to talk to my supervisor/manager/colleagues about my disability?
  • Do I need to ask for ‘reasonable accommodations’ so that I can reach my full potential?
  • Do I need to worry about being ‘judged’ because of my reasonable accommodations?

Quote "Experience really is the best way to learn and become comfortable managing your employers and your disability"

Rather than shy away from this area of experience it is important to tackle these challenges. You will be more ready for the workplace after university if you do, so don't put it off!

For more advice and suggested activities for how to prepare for the different stages of a new work experience or placement, including organising a pre-placement planning meeting with the Disability Service, please give us a call on (01) 8963111 or email and take a look at:

If you're still deciding what you would like to do, please see the ‘Possible Supports’ section of this website.

Student statement on the career pathways project