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Supports available

Supports as a TCD Student:
There are a number of supports for you as a student in TCD; these include:Graphic image - transition to college

Occupational Therapy- A support service for students registered with the Disability Service. Occupational Therapy can support you to develop the practical strategies you need to manage your role as a student and to handle the social and sensory environment. Please follow the link below for more information. Link to Occupational Therapy -

Weekly Social Group – A weekly group is run every Monday (1pm-2pm) for students with AS to support them in getting involved with different leisure activities. It is a good way to meet other students and enhance your participation in fun activities within a safe environment.
Support from your Disability Officer – You will also have the opportunity to meet regularly with your Disability Officer to check in and see how your reasonable accommodations are working for you, as well as discussing any concerns that you may be having.

Link to the General Services and Supports:

Getting Involved in Student Clubs and Societies

One of the many things you can do while in Trinity is to sign up with a student society or club. Societies and clubs are groups run by students with a shared interest in a particular hobby, sport or topic, and Trinity has a huge number of clubs and societies that are open to all students. Clubs are typically focused on a particular sport or activity, with clubs like Rowing, Rugby, Fencing, Rock-Climbing and Aikido organising many matches, competitions and training sessions. Societies are more focused on topics and hobbies, so there is a wide range of student interests catered for, from drama (Players) and debating (Historical and Philosophical Soc) to activism (Gender Equality, Amnesty), gaming (Science-Fiction, Gamers) and languages (Cumann Gaelach and German). Getting involved in Clubs and Societies is a great way to meet other students and participate in your favourite interests and hobbies.

Why not check out the following links for more information:

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