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Can we help with Leaving Certificate study? Yes we can!

Essays and exams guides

If you have been granted reasonable accommodations for the Leaving Cert, it is very important that you understand how to use them, for example, what a Reader may or may not be able to do, and that you practice this before exams start. You should read the RACE guidelines.

It is also worth looking at the marking guidelines for each exam paper, so that you have a solid idea of how the examiner will be awarding marks. Subjects can be downloaded from the State Examinations website.

We have written some study guides that we think Leaving Cert students will find useful when they are studying. Click on the images below to open the guide.

Computers and Software

We have lots of information about software you can use at home for free. Visit our pages Assistive Technology resources by clicking here


The C Pen is a pen that will scan and read your text books aloud to you, and you can edit in the text in Microsoft Word to create your own notes.

Customize your computer

We have guides on how to customize your computer

Improve your computer skills - for free

If you need to improve your basic computer skills, learn how to use the internet and Microsoft Office products, then try these excellent web tutorials

Having trouble in understanding Excel, try these free Excel tutorials.

Convert text to mp3 / audio files

You can download free text to speech software from the internet. This means you can convert your revision notes to mp3 files. You can also put a colour filter over your computer screen and use a reading bar. We recommend:

Ginger Software



An email service (in many languages!) which can convert digital text documents into either Braille or audio files. It is quick and easy to use RoboBraille. You simply send an email with an attached text document. You do not need to install expensive and complicated software on your computer. Robobraille

Typing skills

Letter Bubbles is free and is a game-based touch typing course improving accuracy

Take a touch typing course that also improves your reading and spelling. TTRS centres can be found here

Study skills tutorials

Excellent podcast and video resources for dyslexic students from Brite

There are many more resources listed here

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Organising study and revision

Sometimes it's hard to figure out how to organise your study and revision: what to do, when to do it, how muchtime you should spend on a subject.

We think you will find these resources helpful in your Leaving Cert year. Read our presentation on Planning, Procrastination and Setting up a study environment

Planning and keeping track of your revision

The best resource we have found for doing this is provided by . These are extremely detailed planning checklists so that you can be sure to revise every area of your subject. Read our step by step instructions to make this work for you.

  1. Download subject checklists from In the top right hand of the page is a 'Print this page' option.
  2. File these checklists in a ringbinder or A4 lever arch file together with your notes. Put them at the front.
  3. Decide which units from the checklist you will work on for the week. Copy this information into a blank study timetable on your homework diary so you know exactly what day you are going to be studying a unit.
  4. If you have the checklist open in the web page, clicking on each of the units or topics will open revision notes for each topic.

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Last updated 26 October 2016 (Email).