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Physical Access Information

Trinity College is committed to the principle of universal access and will actively work towards providing reasonable access to all of its services, information, and facilities.

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Trinity College Dublin has seen significant improvements to the physical environment since the development of the Disability Service which was set up in 2000. In partnership with the Estates and Facilities Department, €2,650,014 of funds has been ring-fenced for universal access works. The College Policy on Universal Access outlines Trinity’s commitment to comply with the Disability Act deadline for all strategic buildings to be accessible by 2015. The carousel below shows the improvements carried out since 2000.

Report Accessibility Issues

If you identify any physical barriers around Trinity, please report this to explaining the issue and giving the location of the barrier. Please copy on the email.

Examples of barriers include: lift breakdowns; enable toilets that are broken, misused, or inaccessible; barriers blocking campus paths; vehicles illegally parked that are blocking access to buildings etc.

Physical access work to date


College Map 2009-10

College Map 2006-07

Front Square

image desc

Front Arch View of accessible walkway

image desc

Accessible walkway - Plan

image desc

Front Square accessbile housing

image desc

Front Square accessbile housing

image desc

Entrance to Atrium - rails to be removed

Entrance to Atrium - rails removed

Entrance to Atrium - view to Front Square

Dinning Hall

image desc

Fellows Square

Arts Building

Emmett Theatre entrance

Automated Door Salmon Theatre

House 27

image desc

House 39

image desc

House 39 prior to works

House 40

Automated Door Health Service

Automated Door Buttery

Automated Door ATIC area Ussher Library

Automated Door Lecky Library

Lecky Library accessible lift

Old Library Lift

Old Library

image desc

Door Auotomation - Hamilton Building

SNIAM Buidling

Anatomy Buidling

Pathway & ramp to East Theatre

7-9 Leinster street

Loyola Institute

Access to Protected Buidlings - Physiology

200 Pearse street

Pavillion Bar

Pavillion Bar - Lift access installed

Temporary Ramp to Exam Hall

Evac Chair

Loop systems

Accessible Security Desks

Accessible Parking

On these pages you find links & information on the built environment and their level of accessiblity .

Podcasts on finding your way around Trinity College.

View these podcasts to help you navigate your way into and around Trinity College. There are directions from:

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