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Declan TreanorDeclan Treanor

Biography:Declan has been working in Trinity since the Disability Service was set up in June 2000. He has responsibility for ensuring that Trinity embeds disability-related issues into the core of all thinking and delivery to ensure that the Trinity environment is as accessible to people with disabilities as possible.

Declan has an extensive educational history which includes a B. Sc. in Science from NUI Galway, a Masters in Social Policy and Administration from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from Trinity College Dublin. Declan is the Disability Officer for staff in Trinity and for students who are D/deaf and Students with Autism Spectrum and Asperger's Syndrome. Declan completed the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Generic (ADOS-G) a direct observational assessment used to assist in the diagnosis of autism and the Advanced Postgraduate Certificate in Autistic Spectrum Disorder at Queen's University Belfast.

Nationally Declan works on the National Access Strategic Planning Committee, Chair of the Disability Officers Working Network and has been working on an extensive research project on inclusive teaching and learning.  Declan  has just launched a series of books on this subject, entitled inclusive Education: A Road Map for Disability Support in Higher Education in Ireland - published in December 2017. The Role of the Disability Officer and the Disability Service in Higher Education in Ireland, March 2018. Work continues on this project and CPD for disability service staff will result from the final publication Reasonable Accommodations and Inclusive Teaching and Learning to be launched later in 2018.

Declan is leading on the Disability Service (DS) Strategic Plan (2015-2020) that outlines the alignment between DS activities and Trinity objectives, and provides information on how the DS aims and objectives will be delivered over the five years of the strategic plan. The DS continues to be embarked upon a major transformation in the provision of services and organisational change, in order to achieve our ambition of being the number one choice for disabled students in Ireland. We are committed to providing modern, integrated, high quality, and cost effective front-line services that make a real difference to the Trinity community.