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How to Register with the Disability Service

Registration with the Disability Service can be broken down into 9 easy steps and most of it takes place online at portal which is where you can also complete your registration to your chosen course and see your course timetable and exam timetables. Please note if you have already registered with the Disability Service in previous academic years there is no need to re-register.

Steps to complete your registration with the Disability Service

  • Step 1- Go online and logon to by entering your Trinity student username and password.
  • Step 2- Click on ‘My Disability Service’ Tab located on the top navigation bar and click on ‘Disability Service Registration Application'.
  • Step 3- Read the instructions on the Welcome Page.
  • Step 4- Select your Primary and Secondary Disability from the drop down Menu.
  • Step 5- Read and agree to the Trinity Code of Practice for students with disabilities.
  • Step 6- Select your Evidence of Disability to upload.
  • Step 7- Upload and submit your Evidence of Disability.
  • Step 8- Finish the registration process by clicking the submit option.
  • Step 9- A member of the DS will be in contact with you to arrange a group or 1:1 appointment.

Step 1 - Log onto Number 1

Firstly, go online via a web browser and in the address box please enter
Log in with your Trinity username and password; these are the same details you were given to complete your Trinity course registration.

Image of the login page

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Step 2 - Click on My Disability Service to start registrationNumber 2 display image

Once you access, click on the ‘My Disability Service’ Tab on the top of the screen under the Menu. You will be brought to the Disability Service Registration Application page to start your online registration process.

Finding the Disability Service tab

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Step 3 - Read the instructions on the Welcome PageNumber 3 display image

Click on the link called: ‘Disability Service Registration Application’. You will be presented with information in relation to your online registration application. Read the information provided and then click on the ‘Proceed’ button to continue with your registration application.

Read the information on the Welcome page

Click on the link to proceed

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Step 4 - Select your Disability CategoryNumber 4 display image


You will be asked to indicate your primary disability that relates to your registration with the Disability Service. You will be provided with a drop down menu of 12 categories and you will be asked to select the disability that applies to you and that impacts on you the most.

If you have a secondary disability, please select the category from the second drop down menu under Secondary Disability. This may not apply to you as you may only have one disability, and if so select ‘None’. If you have more than two disabilities, indicate the two that impact on you the most.

Once you have selected your disability/disabilities, click on the ‘Continue’ Button.

Select your Primary Disability

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Step 5 - Read and agree to the Trinity Code of Practice for students with disabilitiesNumber 5 display image

The next step requires you to read and agree to ‘Trinity Code of Practice for students with disabilities’. The Code of Practice outlines your rights and responsibilities as a student with a disability in availing of the supports provided by the Disability Service. It is an important document, to read the code of practice in full you should click on this link.

Once you have read the Code of Practice you need to confirm that you have read it and whether you agree to it. Tick ‘Yes’, if you have fully read it and agree to the points outlined within this document.

It is important to be aware that if you do not agree to the points outlined within the Code of Practice, then you will be unable to fully register with the Disability Service and this will delay your application to receive Reasonable Accommodations.

If you have queries about the Code of Practice, please contact a member of the Disability Service staff for more information.

The Code of Practice has been approved by the Student Services Committee in Trinity College Dublin.

Once you have read the Code of Practice and ticked ‘Yes’ in the box provided, click on the ‘Continue Button’.

Accepting the code of practice

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Step 6 - Select your Evidence of Disability to uploadDisplay image number 6

You are required to upload your Evidence of Disability at this stage. You must select the type of evidence of disability that you are uploading from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page. 

Please be advised to check what evidence of disability applies to you by clicking on this link. For example, if you are registering with a mental health difficulty, depression, or anxiety etc., you need to upload evidence from a Psychiatrist outlining your disability.

If you have a Specific Learning Difficulty such as dyslexia, you need to upload a copy of your most recent Educational Psychology report clearly stating you have a specific learning difficulty.  For all DARE students, please upload the evidence you submitted to the CAO.

If you do not have appropriate evidence of your disability you should forward the evidence of disability form to your medical consultant / specialist to be completed.

Once you have selected the evidence of disability to upload, then click ‘Proceed to Upload Document’. 

Selecting your evidence document to upload

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Step 7 - Select your Evidence of Disability to uploadDisplay image number 6


Upload your evidence of Disability, by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button and search for the file on your computer. (Please be advised that your evidence should be scanned and saved as one document prior to upload). Then click on the ‘Upload File’ button.

You will then be informed of the upload. If you have more documents to upload, select ‘Upload another Document’ and follow the same process.

Students may find the following app useful, it enables you to use your phone/tablet camera to scan a document and save it in PDF format: This link also has useful information re apps that can provide tech support.

Click on the upload option to add the evidence to your application

Add furtehr docs if required

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Step 8 - Submit Registration ApplicationDisplay image number 6


To finish your Disability Service Registration Application, please click on the 'Submit Application' button.

Display image number 6

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Step 9 -Await Contact from the Disability Service Use the submit option to complete your application


Your application is now complete and all you need to do is wait to hear from a member of the DS who will be in contact with you to arrange a group or 1:1 appointment to finalise your registration and to arrange Reasonable Accommodations with you.

You should also read our Student Handbook and familiarise yourself with the range of supports provided via the Disability Service.

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