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Needs Assessment Process

After the student has registered online with the Disability Service, they will have a Needs Assessment.

What is a Needs Assessment?

Individual Needs Assessments determine the level of support that students require. The following areas are addressed:

  1. Nature of disability or condition, to include: impact on education, severity, hospital admissions etc.
  2. Treatment: any medication they are taking, outpatients' appointments, physiotherapy.
  3. Previous support: what arrangements were made at secondary school, if any.
  4. Current difficulties: what difficulties does the student anticipate they may have with their course.
  5. Access to equipment and IT facilities.
  6. Appropriate academic and disability support.

Supports are divided into 'General Disability Supports' and 'Additional Disability Supports'. The student decides on the level of support that they need. For more information on the types of supports available, please click on the links below.

Students receiving 'General Disability Supports' will have their exam support needs summarised on a group excel sheet and sent to the School SharePoint folder. Learning Educational Needs Assessment (LENS) reports will be produced only for students receiving 'Additional Disability Supports'.


Last updated 7 June 2017 (Email).