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How Reasonable Accommodations Work in Trinty

A Reasonable Accommodation is any action that helps to alleviate a susbtantial disadvantage due to a disability and/or a significant ongoing illness. People with disabilities encounter various barriers in their everyday lives from inaccessible buildings to poor communication. Reasonable Accommodations are put in place to help reduce such barriers, enhancing equality and opportunity for all.

Here is a link outlining the kinds of Reasonable Accommodations provided in Trinity College Dublin.

Reasonable Accommodation is not only relevant in university, but also in the world of work. When you register with the Disability Service you will be provided with examinations supports and an invitation to a group information session, or you will meet with a Disability Officer on an individual basis. During this meeting you will discuss your disability and how it affects your needs in a learning environment. From this discussion you will both decide on which supports - Reasonable Accommodations - will best facilitate your progress through Trinity.


It is important to remember that your case is unique and that accommodations and supports are determined on a case-by-case basis. To detetrmine what will work best for you, try following these simple steps:

  1. Be Strategic
  2. Keep Reviewing
  3. Disclose









1. Be Strategic

It is important to remember that your college years are a precurser to your working years, and any supports that are put in place for your college years might then need to be translated into supports that are possible in the workplace (whatever kind of career you choose!).

For example, it can be beneficial to develop your own note-taking skills with the aid of a piece of software, rather than have a person take your notes for you. When you find yourself in a work meeting or conference at a later stage, you might need to draw on your own note-taking skills. Of course, you can put in place ‘Reasonable Accommodations’ in the workplace too. Click this link to read about 'Work Experiences in College'.

2. Keep Reviewing

As you progress through college, it is important to review your accommodations with your Disability Officer to ensure that they are enabling you appropriately. Ultimately, you should be learning and up-skilling each year that you are in college. Try and get as much experience as possible within your college years - both internally and externally - as employers look for much more than exam results. Join clubs, societies, teams and other organisations and always remember to seek some work experience: voluntary; shadowing; or otherwise. Click this link to learn more about 'Understanding the Best Reasonable Accommodation for You'.

3. Disclose

It is important to disclose all relevant information regarding your specific disability or learning difficulty in order to acquire reasonable and suitable accommodations. You can disclose from the offset via the registration process, or throughout the year on



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Last updated 14 June 2017 (Email).