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Brett Duane
Associate Professor in Public Dental Hea, Dental Science


Brett Duane graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand with a degree in dentistry. He has worked in Primary dental care as an Associate Dentist in England, and a self-employed dentist in Australia and New Zealand. He has a Masters in Management in Health (University of Newcastle, Australia), a Masters in Public Health (University of Glasgow) and a PHD in Dentistry (Finland). From 2001-2005 he worked as Senior Dental Officer in an Aboriginal health service. In 2006-2010 he was Senior Dental Officer then Assistant Clinical Director (Oral Health Improvement), NHS Fife. From 2014-2015 he was Consultant in Dental Public Health in Public Health England and is currently Associate Professor in Dental Public Health, at Trinity College, Dublin. His main interests and research are the delivery of cost-effective high quality oral health services, inequities in oral health, the oral health of the more vulnerable ( indigenous oral health, children's oral health and oral health in the elderly) and ensuring that the development of oral health services are sustainable.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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