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Peer Reviewed Publications


Below is a list of our staff's peer reviewed publications.

Type Reference Year Status
Book Ruth Barton, Rex Ingram: Visionary Director of the Silent Screen, University Press of Kentucky 2014 Published
Book Eric Weitz, Theatre & Laughter, Palgrave Macmillan 2015 In Progress
Essay The Journal of Beckett Studies: Special Issue on Performance, 23, 1, Jonathan Heron and Nicholas Johnson, [eds.]
Notes: [Guest Editors, working under general editors Mark Nixon and Dirk Van Hulle]
2014 In Progress
Book Kevin Rockett, Luke Gibbons, John Hill, Cinema and Ireland, second, London/ New York, Routledge/ Taylor & Francis, 2014, 1 - 144pp
Notes: [Republication of the 1988 Routledge edition, with postscript, of the foundational text of Irish film studies as part of Routledge's 'Library Editions: Cinema'. Originally published in 1987 by Croom Helm. The authors contributed separate chapters to the volume.]
2014 In Progress
Essay Eric Weitz, Laughing at the Crossroads: Doing things with humour in Irish society, editor and contributor, Carysfort Press 2014 In Progress
Essay Ruth Barton, Cultural Baggage - Pirjo Hokkanen's Matka, Short Film Studies, 4, (1), p35 - 38 2013 Published
Essay A Spectrum of Fidelity, an Ethic of Impossibility: Directing Beckett in, editor(s)Katherine Weiss , The Plays of Samuel Beckett (Critical Companions), London, Methuen, pp152 - 164, [Nicholas Johnson] 2013 Published
Essay Nicholas Johnson, Performative Criticism: Samuel Beckett and Georges Duthuit, Journal of Art Historiography, 9, (December), p1 - 12
Notes: []
2013 Published
Essay 'Irish Film Censorship: Refusing the Fractured Family of Foreign Films' in, editor(s)Daniel Biltereyst and Roel Vande Winkel , Silencing Cinema: Film Censorship Around the World, New York, Palgrave Macmillan, pp207-220 - [Kevin Rockett] 2013 Published
Essay Ruth Barton, Drinking with McNulty: Irish American Identity and Spaces in The Wire in, editor(s)Kennedy, Liam Shapiro, Stephen , The Wire: Race, Class, and Genre, Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan Press, pp215 - 238 2012 Published
Essay Ruth Barton, Silent Ritual: Marcell Ivany's Wind, Short Film Studies, 2, (2), p193 - 196 2012 Published
Article Nicholas Johnson, Language, Multiplicity, Void: The Radical Politics of the Beckettian Subject, Theatre Research International, 37, (1), p38 - 48 2012 Published
Book Eric Weitz, The Cambridge Introduction to Comedy, Cambridge University Press 2009 Published
Book Eric Weitz, The Power Of Laughter: Comedy and Contemporary Irish Theatre, Carysfort Press; editor and contributor 2004 Published
Essay Ruth Barton, The O'Kalem Collection on DVD: Implications for future research, New Hibernia Review, 16, (2), p137 - 142 2012 Published
Essay Eric Weitz, 'The Gravity of Humour in Samuel Beckett's Endgame and Conor McPherson's The Seafarer' in The Theatre of Conor McPherson: 'Right beside the Beyond', ed., Lilian Chambers and Eamonn Jordan, Carysfort 2012 Published
Article Eric Weitz, 'Failure as Success: On clowns and laughing bodies', Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts, 17:1, 79-87 2012 Published
Essay Eric Weitz, 'Sleight of Frame: Exploitations of Comic Feeling by Two Irish Playwrights' in Staging Thought: Essays on Irish Theatre, Scholarship and Practice, Rhona Trench, ed., Peter Lang 2012 Published
Essay Nicholas Johnson, Nohow On: Samuel Beckett and the Tradition/Innovation Dialectic, International Federation for Theatre Research Annual Congress, Osaka, Japan, 7-12 August 2011, 2011 2011 Published
Essay Nicholas Johnson, A Theatre of the Unword: Out of the Archive, Out of the Archive: Samuel Beckett, York, United Kingdom, 23-26 June 2011, 2011 2011 Published
Essay Nicholas Johnson, The Ghost of the Live: Adapting the Televisual Beckett, Performance Studies International #17, Utrecht, Netherlands, 25-29 May, 2011 2011 Published
Essay Ruth Barton, Neil Jordan: Superstition and Religion in, editor(s)Werner Huber Seån Crosson , Contemporary Irish Film, Vienna, Braumuller pp105 - 114 2011 Published
Essay Ruth Barton, Rocket Scientist! The Posthumous Celebrity of Hedy Lamarr in, editor(s)Su Holmes Diane Negra , In the Limelight and Under the Microscope, New York, London, Continuum, pp82 - 102 2011 Published
Article Eric Weitz, 'Playing with the Rules: Thoughts on a Trickster Spirit and the Soul of Comedy', Americana: E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2011 Published
Book Kevin Rockett and Emer Rockett, Magic Lantern, Panorama and Moving Picture Shows in Ireland, 1786–1909, First, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 1 - 403pp 2011 Published
Book Kevin Rockett with Emer Rockett, Film Exhibition and Distribution in Ireland, 1909–2010, First, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 1 - 652pp 2011 Published
Essay Eric Weitz, Entry on 'Comedy' for compact edition of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance, ed. by Dennis Kennedy 2010 Published
Essay Eric Weitz, 'Moving Target: Comic Calculation and Affective Persuasion in Edward Albee's The Goat or Who Is Sylvia?', Hungarian Journal for British and American Studies 2010 Published
Essay Eric Weitz, 'Who's Laughing Now?: Comic Currents for a New Irish Audience' in Crossroads: Performance Studies and Irish Culture, ed. by Sara Brady and Fintan Walsh, Palgrave 2009 Published
Article Eric Weitz, 'Lady Gregory's "Humour of Character": A Commedia Approach to Spreading the News', Irish University Review 2004 Published
Article Eric Weitz, Thirty entries of varying lengths in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance, edited by Dennis Kennedy (February 2003), including major article on 'Circus' 2003 Published
Essay Eric Weitz, Interview with Raymond Keane of Barabbas in Theatre Talk, Carysfort Press           2001 Published
Article Eric Weitz, 'At Play with Barabbas and The Whiteheaded Boy', article in Theatre Stuff, Carysfort Press 2000 Published