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Eras and Classical Authors in the History of Christianity

This course introduces discourse about God in Eastern and Western European Christianity from the patristic to the modern eras. It examines key events and themes in theological history: the role and achievements in Christology of the Ecumenical Councils in the patristic period with a focus on Nicaea (325); the Great Schism East and West in relation to theologies of the Holy Spirit; the role of the monasteries with a focus on the Rule of St Benedict; the medieval synthesis of Aristotelian philosophy and Christian theology (Aquinas); the Reformation (Luther) and Counter-reformation (Council of Trent); theology in the Enlightenment period (Schleiermacher); and in the modern and contemporary eras including the theological reception of humanist atheism (Feuerbach) and ‘nihilism’ (Nietzsche).

Name of lecturer

Professor Cathriona Russell

How to apply

Applications can be made in person on Tuesday, 20th September 2016, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. in the Department of Religions and Theology, Room 5010, Level 5 of the Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Dublin 2 or by post before 23rd September 2016.


EUR 150 for the course. For security reasons payment should be by cheque/draft/postal money order only, made payable to Trinity College Dublin no. 1 account. A concession rate is available to second and third level students, unemployed persons and those in receipt of a social welfare pension.


Teaching in Semester 1 (Michaelmas Term) commences during the week beginning 26th September 2016. Please note this is a day-time course.


The module runs for a total of twelve weeks, with no lectures in week 7.

Further information

Contact: Jane Welch, Executive Officer, Department of Religions and Theology, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Dublin 2. Phone: 01 896 1297, email: