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Human Resources Committee Papers

Human Resources Committee Papers


The current membership is:

  • Prof. Richard Timoney, Chair
  • Prof. Christopher Morash, Vice-Provost/Chief Academic Officer
  • Prof. Gillian Martin, Senior Lecturer
  • Prof. Vinny Cahill, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Maths and Science
  • Prof. David Ditchburn, Head of School of Histories and Humanities
  • Prof. Eoin O’Sullivan, Head of School of Social Work and Social Policy
  • Ms. Stephanie Farrell, Board Member
  • Ms. Patricia Callaghan, Academic Secretary
  • Ms. Aine Mulcahy, Chief Financial Officer's Nominee
  • Ms. Sinead Mac Bride, Equality Committee Representative
  • Mr. Peter Donohoe, External, M.SC. (MGMT)
  • Mr. Kieran McNulty, President, Students' Union
  • Ms. Kate Malone, Director of Human Resources (Secretary)


Last updated: Oct 13 2016.