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Dr David Ferras

Research Fellow
Dept. of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering



Distributing our Water Resources: Utilising Integrated, Smart and low-Carbon Energy (DWR UISCE)

Keywords: Energy recovery; Micro Hydro Power; Drain Water Heat Recovery; smart water network controls; Energy Rating System..

The Dŵr Uisce project aims to quantify and demonstrate the scope to improve the energy efficiency of the distribution of water resources in Ireland and Wales by means of integrated smart and low-carbon technology. The project will deliver improved efficiency of the water-energy nexus, benefitting two key stakeholders groups: water companies (suppliers) and water consumers (end-users).

The Dŵr Uisce project will be structured according to three work themes: Technology Platforms, Policy Support & Guidance; and Dissemination & Collaboration. Central to the three themes will be the establishment of the cross-border smart specialisation cluster under the umbrella of which all project activities will fall. The figure in the left illustrates the design of the Dŵr Uisce Project Structure and the interactions among the differing themes and elements within the project. Climate change can also be seen in the project as a cross-cutting theme which will feature in all aspects of the project work.

Within this framework, Dr. Ferras research will focus on Hydropower Energy Recovery, Drain Water Heat Recovery, Smart Network Control and Energy Auditing & Rating. Additionally, he will cooperate with the enterprises participating in cross-border, transnational or interregional research operations and in the execution of a pilot MHP and DWHR installation, which shall be completed by the Dŵr Uisce project in both Ireland and Wales.

Dŵr Uisce will contribute to cross-border innovation, and to strengthening research, technological development and innovation in the Ireland Wales Programme. It will also contribute to increase cross-border innovation in line with shared priorities of the smart specialisation strategies.


Project Mentors: Associate Prof. Aonghus McNabola