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Yasmin Emamian

PhD Researcher
Dept. of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering



Modelling effluent contaminant attenuation in vadose zone in percolation areas

Keywords: on-site wastewater treatment system; modelling; solute fate and transport; HYDRUS 2/3D; attenuation, biodegradation, nitrification, adsorption, attachment/detachment; biomat.

On-site wastewater treatment systems (OWTS) have been found to be reasonable and efficient solutions to the problem of the domestically produced wastewater. Although the low construction budget and maintenance required by such systems make them favourable and common, particularly in rural areas, there should be guidelines and procedures well-defined in order to build and monitor OWTS appropriately to reduce the risk of future contamination of groundwater. Such popularity intensifies the need to have a vivid image of all the processes that take place in the soil profile accepting the effluent of OWTS, and the depth of impact that these systems can impose on the groundwater.

The objective of this study have been:

  • Investigating correlation between the Unified Soil Classification System and the British Soil Classification System and using HYDRUS 2/3D model to determine relationship between the hydraulic conductivity and the on-site falling head test results (T-values)
  • Developing a new approach in modelling the biomat zone for anticipating the contamination transport
  • Calibrating HYDRUS 2/3D model for different sites with various subsoils with actual field data, comprehensively
  • Developing improved guidelines for different scenarios of on-site treatment facilities


Project Supervisor: Prof. Laurence Gill