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Seyedmasoud Manafighorabaei

PhD Researcher
Dept. of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering


Determination of plasticity of soils using a new apparatus

Keywords: Plasticity; Liquid Limit; Plastic Limit; Atterberg Limit Tests; Soil Consistency.

Consistency of soil can be expressed in terms of Atterberg limits of soils. Determination of soil plasticity is of great importance in geotechnical engineering projects. Soil consistency is a term that expresses the level of firmness of cohesive soils which is a qualitative phenomenon. It depends on behaviour of soil while its moisture content varies.


Many different parameters, such as soil texture and structure, soil grain size and shape, environmental condition of soil, soil morphology and many other factors, affect the behaviour of soil. Liquid limit and plastic limit tests are among the two most popular tests for determination of index properties of fine grained soils.


Soil classification and many engineering properties of soils can be correlated to the results of soil plasticity determination tests. Current standard methods for determination of soil plasticity have several issues that make their results unreliable in many cases. Hence, it is necessary to cover their deficiencies with further investigations.


The aim of this PhD research project is to provide an alternative method for determination of soil plasticity with inventing a more accurate and reliable apparatus.


Project Supervisor: Associate Prof. Brendan O'Kelly