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Ronan Doorley

PhD Researcher
Dept. of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering



Quantifying the benefits and risks of urban cycling

Keywords: active travel; health benefits; air pollution; personal exposure; greenhouse gases; transport modelling; network optimisation.

In recent years cycling has increasingly been recognized as an effective means of improving public health by increasing physical activity and avoiding the negative externalities of motorized transport. Since many of the benefits of cycling are intangible and since negative impacts also exist, it is essential that these impacts can be quantified in order to inform evidence-based policy formulation.


Additionally, despite the willingness of transport planners to increase the modal share of cycling in cities, ITS technologies still cater primarily to cars and public transport and very little progress has been made in integrating active modes into traditional transport modelling frameworks.

This research develops an integrated model for quantifying the benefits and risks of cycling in cities using a combination of statistical modelling and direct measurement of exposures such as noise and air pollution by volunteer cyclists. A custom mobile environmental sensing platform was developed for this purpose.


A further objective of this research is to extend combined models for urban travel forecasting in order to incorporate choice of cycling as a transport mode as well as prediction of route choice of cyclists.


Project Supervisors: Assistant Prof. Bidisha Ghosh & Dr. Vikram Pakrashi (UCC)