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Rodolfo Benevenuto

PhD Researcher, Centre for Transport Research (CTR)
Dept. of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering


Transport Development and Poverty Reduction in Northeast Brazil.

Keywords:Transport Appraisal, Poverty Reduction, Social Impact.


The primary objective of the United Nations Development Programme to 2030 is to lift more than 800 million people out of extreme poverty (UN, 2015). In this sense, the present research project addresses the potential contributions of transport development to poverty reduction, particularly in Northeast Brazil. Accessibility patterns of households living in extreme poverty in this region have been investigated by means of GIS and statistical tools. Different dimensions of transport-related exclusions have been quantified by indicators of accessibility to schools, healthcare, market centres and transport infrastructure. Likewise, a quasi-experimental study has been performed to understand the correlations between transport investments and its social outcomes on census’ indicators in a real example.

Finally, a multi-criteria evaluation matrix has been created to summarise the entire study into a novel socially driven transport appraisal framework, capable of performing a comprehensive social analysis and comparison (ex-ante) between projects and their potential contributions to end extreme poverty. This work is an attempt to reach a new standard of transport planning, strongly committed to eradicating extreme poverty.




Project Supervisors: Associate Prof. Brian Caulfield

Funded by Trinity College Dublin and Fundação Estudar