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Michael Swenson

PhD Researcher
Dept. of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering


Eco-hydrology and greenhouse gas emissions in a restored and cutover raised bog

Keywords: Raised bogs, greenhouse gases; methane; carbon dioxide; bog hydrology; peatland ecology.

High quality raised bogs are generally considered a greenhouse gas sink, particularly for carbon dioxide (CO2) as primary production exceeds respiration. This is counter balanced to some degree by the production of methane (CH4). However, in Ireland less than 1% of the raised bog remains in a high quality condition and the balance between CO2 uptake and CH4 production can change in recovering or restored bog.



The primary goal of this study is to look at the greenhouse emissions of a restored raised bog and a recovering historic (>60 years old) cutover bog in central Ireland.


The greenhouse emissions uptake in bogs are largely determined by the local plant ecology and hydrology. The secondary goal of this study is to characterize the controlling factors behind the plant ecology and hydrology in a restored raised bog and recovering cutover bog. As part of the hydrology study, we hope to characterize bog runoff and quantify sources of DOC export.


Project Supervisors: Prof. Laurence Gill & Dr. Shane Regan