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Jiayi Tang

PhD Researcher
Dept. of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering



An assessment of the costs and benefits of outdoor air pollution control policy in Ireland: emission, exposure & health impact

Keywords: Traffic; emission; exposure; health impact; speed limit; infrastructural change.

Traffic related pollutant emission is an important source of urban air pollution which has adverse health impacts. Many health problems, such as cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, asthma and non-asthma respiratory symptoms, are related to traffic pollution.


Governments are making policies to reduce traffic emissions and to build sustainable urban transport by improving road infrastructure, supporting public transport and restricting vehicle access, etc. Due to their utterly different natures, these policies are difficult to compare regarding the relative effectiveness of emission reduction and health benefit for public.


This research aims to quantify the health effects brought by two different policies that affect traffic conditions and thus emissions, and analyse their relative effectiveness on reducing emissions, i.e. (1) the infrastructural change of construction and operation of the Dublin Port Tunnel; (2) the regulation change about the traffic speed limits in Dublin. A series of models are used to achieve these objectives: traffic and emission models to estimate the emission change due to the change of traffic conditions; dispersion models and health impact models to evaluate the air quality change and the impact on public health attributable to the emission change.



Project Supervisors: Associate Prof. Aonghus McNabola & Associate Prof. Bruce Misstear