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Beatriz Martinez-Pastor

PhD Researcher
Dept. of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering


Mathematical Methods to Analyse the Resilience of Transport Networks under Extreme Climatological Conditions

Keywords: perturbation resilience; recovery resilience; transport networks; extreme weather; hazards; dynamic assignment traffic model; restricted equilibrium; vulnerability; stress level; exhaustion level.

The occurrence of extreme weather events has become increasingly common in the last number of years. A variety of extreme weather events, including droughts, rain induced landslides, river floods and winter storms, have threatened and damaged many different regions worldwide. This situation largely affects traffic networks and results in risk situations for people.


When an extreme weather event takes place, some important questions arise, such as how stressed the traffic network is, whether the system is able to respond to this situation, or how long the system needs to recover a new equilibrium position after suffering such a perturbation. The concept answering all these questions is known as resilience.


Resilience is defined in this project as the capacity of a system to support different disturbances while keeping a reasonable service level and to recover an equilibrium state afterwards. This service level will be defined in the research depending on the network and its features.


The ultimate goal of this project is to help design efficient and resilient traffic networks, i.e. traffic networks that are designed to withstand distinct disturbance caused by catastrophic climatological events. This project aims to improve the current transport networks and help design the new networks more efficient. For that reason in this research the following questions will be answered: What does resilience mean on a traffic network? How to calculate resilience? How to improve resilience of a traffic network?


Project Supervisors: Associate Prof. Alan O'Connor & Dr. Maria Nogal