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The mission of the CIHS is to improve performance and reduce risk in critical systems – such as transport, manufacturing, health and other services - through innovative system design and organizational change. This is, at the same time, a research agenda and a program for real change. It is multidisciplinary – addressing individual and organizational performance; operational and business processes; technologies, information systems and knowledge. The Centre works with industry and service partners to innovate across the system lifecycle (from design to operation to regulation); it develops and transfers capability to manage innovation and change, and, through research in action, accumulates knowledge about and enhances the role that people play in innovation.

The Centre builds on the 25-year track record of the Aerospace Psychology Research Group (APRG). The APRG is one of the leading Organisational and Human Factors Research Groups in Europe. It has a strong participation in European framework research as both co-ordinator and partner in projects, as well as in national research programs and industry funded R & D. It has a wide collaboration network across Europe and globally, working with industry leaders in strategically important research. The Centre provides the opportunity to sustain and extend this successful research trajectory, to develop high-level education for those who can lead change and new design, and to implement (sustainably, commercially) research-based concepts, methods and tools.

CIHS are interested in bringing together academics, researchers and industry partners and support a special interest membership group who are interested in the work of the Centre. We share resources and collaborate using Project Place (, if you are interested in becoming a member please email Siobhan Corrigan.

Last updated 5 February 2015