Professor Eda Sagarra

Professor Eda SagarraProfessor Eda Sagarra was born in Dublin in 1933, daughter of Commissioner Kevin O’Shiel SC of Tyrone and Cecil Smiddy of Cork, and married Albert Sagarra of Barcelona, 1 d. Mireia.

Professor Sagarra received her primary and secondary schooling in Ireland, England and France from 1938-51.

Career: secondary school teacher (German and French) St Andrews, Dublin (1958)
1958-75 Lecturer in German language and literature, later lecturer in German history for Germanists, University of Manchester; also part-time lecturer in Workers Educational Association
1975-98 Professor of German at Trinity College, University of Dublin

Offices held:
University of Dublin: 1979-85: Dean of International Students, 1981-5: Registrar of the University, also Junior and Senior Proctor. 2001- 8: Pro-Chancellor of the University of Dublin
Irish representative on the JCP, Erasmus, Tempus Committees of the European Commission (1981-90)
Member of Engineering Liaison Sub-Committee University of Dublin and DIT
Member of Council, Academic and other Committees of the National Council of Educational Awards (Trinity nominee) 1991-6 Secretary General of the Royal Irish Academy (1991-98)
Member of Standing Committee SCH for the Humanities ESF (1996-2002)
Member of the Technology Foresight Committee leading to the setting up of Science Foundation Ireland 1997-8
Member of ESF Council (1998) & SCH Core Group (1999-2002)
Founding Chairman of the [Provisional] Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences ([1998] 2000-2005)

Membership of Peer Review bodies:
National: Institutes of Technology, Ireland: Application for degree-awarding powers (1996-99)
Dublin Institute of Technology: Application for University status (1997/8)
2001 to date: chair of c. six review committees of Institutes of Technology (for HETAC)
International: Univ. of Amsterdam: Evaluation: Institute of Cultural History
Bund-Länder Kommission: Evaluation of the German Research Council and Max Planck Society (1996-98)
ibid.: Swiss Research Council (2001-2)
ibid. Salzburg Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Chair) (2002-3)
ibid. Danish Research Council: Centres of Excellence (2003-4)
ibid. German studies in the seven universities of Lower Saxony (2004-5) (for the State Wissenschaftliche Kommission (2004-5)
ibid. Univ. of Lucerne (2004-5) (Faculty of Arts)
ibid. University of Berne (2005) (German Department)
ibid. Deutsch-Israeli Projekt (Scientific Exchange with the seven Israeli universities and Weitzmann Institute in the period 1998-2004 for the Federal German Ministry of Research) (2004-5)
ibid. Norwegian Research Council: Centres of Excellence 2006-7
Adviser for Research Projects of the German Research Council (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) and Austrian Research Council (Fonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (1980 to 2003)
Honours   Goethe Medaille (1990)   Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm Prize (1995)
Election to Corresponding Member, Austrian Academy of Sciences (1996)

Research Area : Modern German literature and social history