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The Art of Decision Project (2003 2005)

The Art of Decision project is an Equality for Women Measure (EWM) funded project, administered by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform. It is a partnership project between the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies, and the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Trinity College.

The project addresses the unequal representation of women in political decision-making in Ireland and how new media and technology can be used in a more innovative way, in the form of a Multimedia Responsive Environment, to encourage women's participation. The project combines a gender perspective with cutting edge technology and is currently producing an interactive space to represent research data through artistic media.

The project aims to lever increased political involvement of women using multimedia and technology as a new language and space that will provide an alternative creative, innovative and interactive experience. The space will aim to excite people and get them to react by providing awareness of their capacity, capability, need for involvement and impact. The interactive pieces in the space will provide information, network groups and ideas and provide an experience that may challenge current thought and societal norms that are unconscious to people.

This project is innovative in its approach to the design of the space. There will be a number of workshops in the community exploring the main ideas and themes of gender balance in decision-making. The participating groups will have an opportunity to get involved in the creative side of the project and contribute to the images, video footage, text or audio sections of the Multimedia Responsive Environment.

Research Team: Dr. Maryann Valiulis, Dr. Linda Doyle, Fionnuala Conway, Jane Williams

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