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Donna Hogan

Donna Hogan

Studying at the Trinity Business School involved hard work and commitment, but was an incredibly fun four years! I found there to be a great rapport between students and staff, who were always encouraging and supportive of new ideas and entrepreneurial endeavours.

The interactive class structures enable students to learn from one another and to develop invaluable organizational, teamwork and leadership skills. Lecturers also introduce students to the business world outside the classroom: through the Business School, I had the opportunity to study abroad, attend global student business conferences and interact with students from prestigious Universities worldwide.

Studying at the Trinity Business School opened up a wide range of career possibilities. Having enjoyed my undergraduate business studies so much, I decided to continue, and am currently studying for a Masters in International Business and Law at the University of Sydney, Australia!

Alan Foy

Alan Foy

Alan Foy is a current graduate of the Masters Degree Programme in the School of Business. In his own words:" Firstly, I would consider myself a keen advocate of the Trinity School of Business Studies. Studying Business Studies in Trinity has contributed towards my personal development in ways I could never have imagined when I first filled in TR081 on the CAO form in school! Through the combination of excellent academic staff, well structured courses and a friendly and active student community – studying Business was a wonderful experience for which I am very thankful. The decision to study business is one that I definitely don’t regret."

More from Alan:
"During my time in the Business School, I was fortunate to have been involved in strategic planning projects in a financial services firm close to Trinity College. This experience provided me with an excellent environment to put the content of the business studies course to practical use. The other members of the project teams were very impressed with the sheer wealth of knowledge I had brought from my Business Studies courses which proved helpful to the successful delivery of a number of key projects. This has led me to understand that the knowledge and skills we learn in Business Studies are highly valued. Most importantly, I would suggest that the Trinity Business School brand is well recognised among the business community.

In addition to work experience, I got really involved with the Foresight Business Studies Group of students. This group fosters links between leading businesspeople and business students in the college. Getting involved in an organisation like Foresight allowed me to make new friends and have a lot of fun while also planning and organising networking events throughout the year. These types of organisations (of which there are many in college) permit students to make contacts which may provide helpful advice or guidance which can help shape the future careers of Business students.

The journey of studying Business Studies in Trinity College has brought me many wonderful experiences ranging from establishing my own enterprise to becoming a member of the community service organisation, Rotary International. The skills I gained through group projects, interactive lectures/tutorials and involvement in a student organisation have equipped me well to build what I hope will be a successful future. The choice to study Business Studies at Trinity College was perhaps the first critical building block to reaching my potential and securing that successful (and happy) future!"

Naomi McMahon

Naomi McMahon

My time at Trinity College Dublin was a rewarding experience providing me with a deep and thorough fundamental academic knowledge, which I continue to practically apply to my professional pursuits.

The Business course took the learning's to a higher level laying a solid foundation upon which I could build on and leverage. It helped me to better understand what would be required to succeed within a dynamic business environment. The diversity of content was relevant to today's economic challenges and the curriculum created by the Faculty encouraged me to be resourceful and adopt an unconventional and creative approach in seeking customized solutions to diverse business problems. The faculty challenged students to think beyond what was apparently 'obvious' and to investigate the best alternative options to help promote sustainable growth.

The strong relationships which I developed during my tenure at Trinity continue to serve me today and the principles of learning taught to me ensure that I continuously challenge myself to grow. As the world in which we live continues to evolve, ones ability to adapt to any given situation and to develop strengths that differentiate oneself in the business world has become increasingly important. The Business course was the beginning of a life-long commitment to learning and there is no doubt in my mind that my time at Trinity will be of continuous value to me as I continue to pursue my personal ambitions and career goals.

Jonathan Orde

Jonathan Orde

My name is Jonathan Orde. By way of background, in 2005 I moved from England where I grew up, to study a four year degree in Business, Economics and Social Studies (BESS), with a specialisation in business.  In my final year of Trinity I was elected President of Trinity Traders a finance society and in August I started working for a company called Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) which manages the worlds largest expert network. In my job, I work with a variety of different clients to find, manage and engage experts in different industries to give them front line perspectives on whats happening in the marketplace.

One of the big attractions about BESS for me, was the choice and flexibility afforded to undergraduates to explore interests in a variety of different subjects over the course of four years.  In my first two years, I got a great grounding in Economics, Business and Politics. At third year, you have a choice of a joint honors in two subjects, or a single honors in one. I chose business, and was free to explore new and exciting areas such as the huge growth of nonprofit management in addition to traditional subjects such as finance, operations management and marketing.

Just as important as the course, is the place. Trinity has an amazing social atmosphere. Whatever your interest be in rugby, beer, debating, entrepreneurship, finance, food, wine, politics... there are clubs and societies to develop any interest. If there isnt, you can create one! Get involved, run for elected position, organise events, stalk companies for sponsorship, the scope for ideas and creativity on campus are endless and its great fun.

Looking back on my time at Trinity, I have acquired a way of thinking, and skills which have set me up for life. Trinity is not text book learning. It is a combination of academic theories and ideas, applied to whats happening in the real world right now, through a practical medium. As a student, you wont just write essays. Youll learn how to present ideas publicly in front of your class and leading Irish companies; work in teams to complete assignments; work to deadlines and organize your time; debate and learn off each other. Youll develop a portfolio of skills and knowledge you can apply to almost anything.

In my job, I need to know how to deal with clients, break down different industries quickly to work out whats happening and who would be interesting for our clients to talk to; manage multiple projects at once and work to deadlines; and work in teams across the world. Before I started working, I had dealt with large investment banks on behalf of Trinity Traders; worked in teams, worked to deadlines, and developed the academic knowledge and research skills needed to do my job. This gave me a great head-start.

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Last updated 23 April 2015