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BU1510 Introduction to Organisation and Management

(10 ECTS credits)

Module Content/Outline:

The module introduces students to the nature and form of organisations and their management, indicating their importance in society and why the study of their form, management and performance constitutes one of the disciplines of the social sciences. The module is structured around five key themes: the historical context of organisations; the competitive environment of organisations; modes of organising; managing people and finally, managing today. 


Mr John Quilliam

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Explain the origins of the modern corporation 
  • Conduct environmental analysis 
  • Explain strategy and strategic choice 
  • Explain the nature of management and managing
  • Discuss arrange of contemporary management issues
  • Conduct independent library research 

Lectures &Tutorials/ Contact hours:

The module is a full year programme taught over two semesters. There are eight two-hour plenary lectures; 11 small-group seminars form the heart of this module and are scheduled throughout the year.  Attendance is mandatory.

Recommended Texts/ Key Reading:

The reading for the module is contained is a customised book produced by Pearson Publishing and available from Hodges Figgis, booksellers, in September. In addition students are expected to consult business journals and newspapers regularly during the module.

Assessment and Examination:

As communicated in the course outline and in plenary and seminar sessions, there are four elements to the assessment of the course: (i) seminar attendance and participation [10%], (ii) Semester 1 assignment [15%], (iii) Semester 2 assignment [15%] and, (iv) final examination [60%].

Dates for submission:

To be advised

Penalties for late submission:

Submission deadlines are not negotiable. Work submitted late is graded but the grade awarded is dropped by a class (e.g., II. 1 to II. 2) in all instances.  No work submitted after the end of the teaching year will be graded.

Students unable to submit a term assignment for medical reasons must produce a medical certificate to the School of Business Studies office within three working days of the missed submission date. Certificates received after that time will not be accepted.