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The following are some examples of awards, scholarships and prizes in the School of Business:

Foundation Scholarship

Foundation scholarship is a College institution with a long history and high prestige. The examination for the award of scholarship is set and assessed so as to select students of outstanding ability. The objective of the foundation scholarship examination is to identify students who, at a level of evaluation appropriate to the Senior Freshman year, can consistently demonstrate exceptional knowledge and understanding of their subjects. The examination requires candidates to demonstrate skill in synthesising and integrating knowledge across the full range of the set examination materials; to demonstrate rigorous and informed critical thought; and, in appropriate disciplines, to demonstrate a highly-developed ability to solve problems and apply knowledge.

Foundation scholars are elected annually on the result of an examination held in the week before the start of Hilary term with the results announced on Trinity Monday, details.

Business Student of the Year

The Trinity Business Alumni/Bank of Ireland Business Student of the year award is presented annually to the student who not only excels academically but has acquitted themselves well in business, voluntary work and/or the college community. The Business Student of the Year 2015 is Ben Butler.

David Feldman Prize

This prize was founded in 1985 by a gift from David Feldman, a graduate of both the Faculty of Economic and Social Studies and the Faculty of Arts.  The purpose of the prize is to encourage business students to adopt a broad philosophical attitude to issues and challenges in the business world.  The prize will be awarded annually to a Sophister or postgraduate student in business studies.  It will be based on a dissertation or project judged by the examiners to demonstrate the application of philosophical thought, logical argument, as well as metaphysical and perhaps ethical approach to the understanding of business.  The value of the prize is €1,500.

Patrick O'Sullivan Prize

This prize was founded in 2009 by a gift from Patrick O'Sullivan's family. Patrick is a graduate of the Business School and retired in 2009 as Vice Chairman and Chief Growth Officer of Zurich Financial Services. The prize is awarded annually, on the recommendation of the School of Business, to the candidate who performs at the highest level in the Senior Sophister course in Exploring Organisational Experiences. The value of the prize is €500.


Last updated 23 April 2015