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Dean of the Business School - Professor Andrew Burke  
Director of Teaching & Learning (Postgraduate) Professor Frank Barry 8962311
Director of Teaching & Learning (Undergraduate) Professor Mary Lee Rhodes 8961583
Director of Research Professor Brian Lucey 8961552


    +353 1 896
Barry, Professor Frank Professor of International Business & Development 2311
Berrill, Dr Jennifer Assistant Professor in Business 2632
Brady, Dr Mairead Assistant Professor in Business 2705
Brennan, Professor Louis Professor in Business 1993
Browne, Dr Sarah Assistant Professor in Business 1040

Burke, Professor Andrew

Dean of the Business School &
Chair of Business Studies  
Campa, Dr Domenico Assistant Professor in Business 3775
Campbell, Dr Norah Assistant Professor in Business 3609
Coughlan, Professor Paul

Professor in Operations Management 2327
Crossan, Dr Denise Assistant Professor in Social Entrepreneurship 3462
Cullinane, Dr Sarah-Jane Assistant Professor in Organisational Behaviour and HRM 3462
Donnelly-Cox, Dr Gemma Assistant Professor in Business 2316
Dunne, Mr Neil Teaching Fellow

Fellenz, Dr Martin Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour 2630
Flynn, Mr Michael Director, Trinity MBA 3230
Giblin, Dr Majella Ussher Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation 1994
Keating, Ms Mary Associate Professor in Human Resource Management 1103
Laing, Dr Elaine Assistant Professor 4981
Lucey, Professor Brian Professor in Finance 1552
O'Hagan Luff, Dr Martha Assistant Professor 4982
McDonagh, Dr Joseph Associate Professor in Business, Director of Research Degree Programme 2330
McHugh, Dr Gerard

Associate Professor in Business 1236
Muzellec, Dr Laurent Associate Professor in Marketing

Quinn, Dr Jim Assistant Professor in Business 1339
Regan, Dr Padraic Assistant Professor in International Strategic Management 2688

Rhodes, Dr Mary Lee

Assistant Professor in Business 1583
Roden, Dr Sinead Associate Professor 4980
Sevic, Dr Aleksandar Assistant Professor in Business 2699
Stewart, Dr James Associate Professor in Finance 1245


Barry, Mr Fergus Adjunct Teaching Fellow    
Boyle, Ms George Adjunct Assistant Professor    
Cannon, Dr Sheila Teaching Fellow 3850
Coghlan, Professor David Professor Emeritus 2323
Colbert, Professor Pearse Associate Professor 2323
Dr Brian Davis Adjunct Teaching Fellow  
Duff, Mr Dermot Adjunct Teaching Fellow    
Goodstadt, Prof Francis Leo Adjunct Professor   2707
Graham-Cagney, Dr Anne Visting Research Fellow  
Greene, Dr Megan Visting Research Fellow  
Greville, Professor Mary Rose Adjunct Professor 2624
Gurdgiev, Dr Constantine Adjunct Assistant Professor  
Healy, Mr John Rowland Adjunct Professor John R 4053
Hough, Mr Hilary Adjunct Teaching Fellow    
Hughes, Dr Gerard Adjunct Professor 1479
Keegan, Dr Richard Adjunct Assistant Professor    
Kelly, Professor Peter Visiting Professor    
Kingston, Dr William Adjunct Associate Professor 1479
Larkin, Dr Charles Visiting Research Assistant  
Lawlor, Ms Mary Adjunct Professor    
Madden, Ms Grainne Adjunct Teaching Fellow    
Massey, Dr Brian Adjunct Assistant Professor  
Marks, Dr Helen Adjunct Assistant Professor  
Melly, Mr Sean Adjunct Professor

McCabe, Mr Patrick Adjunct Associate Professor 1164
O'Brien, Mr Niall Adjunct Teaching Fellow    
O'Neill, Dr Eoin Padraig

Adjunct Professor  

O’Regan, Dr Andrew

Adjunct Assistant Professor 2631
Quilliam, Mr John Adjunct Assistant Professor 2696
Quinn, Mr Ruairi Adjunct Professor    
Tatten, Mr Oliver Adjunct Assistant Professor    
White, Ms Diana Adjunct Teaching Fellow  
White, Mr James Teaching Fellow

Agnew, Ms Yvonne Executive Officer, Undergraduate 3705
Burke, Ms Angela Postgraduate Career Development & Alumni Officer 4534
Byrne, Mr David Accreditation and Rankings Manager 4946
Carrick, Mr Rory Executive Officer, MBA 1024
Devine, Ms Veronica Executive Officer, Accrediation & Rankings 3339
Elliott, Mr Austin Facilities Attendant 4922
Fitzpatrick, Ms Aoife Student Recruitment Officer

Hennessy, Ms Pamela School Administrator 1719
McCarthy, Ms Valerie Executive Officer, M Sc Business & Management, Ph D Degree 1027
O'Connor, Ms Ceara Administrative Officer 2257
O'Leary, Ms Ruth Postgraduate Career Development & Alumni Officer 4256
O'Sullivan, Mr Eoghan Student Recruitment Officer 4867
Owens, Ms Rebecca Executive Officer, M Sc International Management & M Sc Finance 2007
Reidy, Ms Joan Senior Executive Officer, General Enquiries 2707
Stapleton, Ms Grainne Executive Officer, Dean's Office 3334
Su, Ms Elaine Shanshan Student Recruitment Officer 2629

Last updated 25 November 2015