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Current Research

The School fosters individual research and scholarship by all members of staff and prioritises two programmatic research themes involving teams of researchers, postgraduates and research fellows:

  • International Business
  • Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship

International Business

This theme has three strands:

  • International Financial Integration (INFINITI)

    Also forming  part of the research agenda of the Institute for International Integration Studies (IIIS), INFINITI conducts research on international asset market linkages, international diversification and MNC’s, the effect of EU enlargement on international financial markets, International Asset Market integration and contagion; financial market efficiency, particularly as measured by calendar anomalies; novel solutions to international indebtedness of developing countries.

  • Global Business Systems

    The Global Business Systems Centre (GBSC) pursues research, in collaboration with the Institute for International Integration Studies (IIIS), on the structure and dynamics of international supply chains; on business as a conduit for globalization; on the evolution of multi-industry value chains; and, in collaboration with Computer Science, on the development of novel software architecture for adaptive global supply chain design.

  • Development

    Also forming part of the research agenda of the IIIS, this programme focuses on globalisation and national advantage, global economic geography and tax harmonisation.

Nonprofit Management & Social Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Nonprofit Management (CNM) conducts research on the ‘third sector’, nonprofit and voluntary organizations, their emergence, management and impact on wider society; on the extent and shape of the Third Sector in Ireland through its sector mapping project; and, from 2008, on social entrepreneurship

Last updated 22 August 2014