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Student Testimonials

Dr. Thomas Lagoarde-Segot

The TCD School of Business is clearly a vibrant department within one of Europe’s leading research universities. At TCD, I received excellent supervision, very good research funding, and a real Irish welcome. I was fully included in all aspects of academic life, from teaching to research projects and conference participation. I also really enjoyed the great social life and the sense of community. This outstanding scientific and human environment allowed me to obtain my PhD in Finance and Development in just 3 years. Soon after graduation I got a tenure-track position at EUROMED Management, Ecole de Management Marseille (France). TCD is the best place to do a PhD!

Dr. Thomas Lagoarde-Segot
Assistant Professor, EUROMED Management, Ecole de Management Marseille

I completed the PhD programme part-time over five years. I found the programme flexible while working to the key progress milestones. It was personally a very rewarding experience and it was that positive experience that kept me motivated to the end. Gaining the PhD research provided me with a lot of opportunities in teaching and I have since taken on a Senior Lecturer role.

Dr. Deirdre Garvey
Senior Lecturer, Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)

Leaving a job in an investment bank in order to join the PhD programme at Trinity School of Business was one of the best life choices I ever made. The PhD years were a great time - I had the opportunity to become an expert in a topic that interests me, to really take the time to read and think, to gain first teaching experience, and to make friends at the School of Business. The wonderful social support at the School helped me through the difficulties of lone working. With the financial support of the School I was also able to spend one term as a visiting researcher at the Stern School of Management, New York University.

I started a full-time job as a lecturer in organisational behaviour at Durham University in October 2005, and formally graduated from Trinity College in summer 2006. Graduation at Trinity is wonderful --- even though the PhD robes are a bit flashy in red and gold :-). I certainly have very fond memories of my time at the Trinity School of Business!

Dr. Marion Fortin, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, Durham Business School

The true gift of the PhD programme  - and the TCD staff - was the encouragement that my curiousity was a sufficient starting-point for the pursuit of a valid scientific question.   That was very exciting and stimulating and was a consistent feature of the school’s culture.   Some years on, I am still fascinated by my subject matter and am now applying it within a particular framework.  I am also aware I gained an openness-of-mind that I would not have thought possible before starting on the Ph.D journey. 

In addition to these benefits, the programme directly provided a philosophical education in how we know about knowledge and how we use facts, experience and thinking to create more knowledge.   I also received a thorough education in research frameworks and methods – both of which are invaluable and will always remain so.   Indirectly, I gained access to teaching opportunities (at UCD) and to a range of consulting and practice-based research work.

Dr Belinda Moller – Consultant in Group processes

Last updated 22 August 2014