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Rubics, Trinity College Dublin Trinity College Dublin has a long history as a leading research University. The School of Business offers outstanding students the opportunity to pursue advanced research, leading to the award of an M.Litt., M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree. The Research Degree Programme is focused on educating and training postgraduate students for careers in business research and in international business schools.

Currently, there are 55 students enrolled on the Research Degree Programme. The School attracts students with diverse backgrounds from around the world including some who have completed a master's degree in business or management, those who have gained practical experience at a managerial level since completion of an undergraduate degree, and those who work as researchers and lecturers in a university setting.

Students may enroll on the Research Degree Programme on either a full-time or a part-time basis. The broad aim is to develop the student's ability to excel in a research or academic environment.  The successful student may graduate with an M.Litt., M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree. 

The educational objectives of the Research Degree Programme include attainment of the following outcomes:

  • An advanced understanding of the philosophies, theories, principles, assumptions, concepts, practices and language of research methods;
  • A sound appreciation of techniques, strategies, models, methods, tools, analytical procedures, processes, complexities, trade-offs, paradoxes, conventions and difficulties relevant for individual research projects;
  • Relevant skills in identifying or developing research topics, research questions, key concepts and constructs, operational definitions, and testable hypotheses;
  • The abilities necessary to conceive, plan, conduct, and communicate rigorous, valid and ethical research; and
  • The abilities necessary for critically analysing, evaluating and critiquing ongoing or completed research projects.


Last updated 22 August 2014