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New research & thought leadership

  • Berliners vote to keep Tegel airport open but its days are numbered
  • Ryanair's red hot growth may have left its pilots in the cold
  • Marketing is Killing Us (Part II): The case of fashion
  • Multidisciplinary EU project to boost energy efficiency and reduce costs in the European Atlantic water industry
  • Capitalism isn't broken – but it does need a rewrite.
  • Trinity Remains European Leader in Producing Entrepreneurs
  • How Capitalism Destroyed Itself: Technology Displaced by Financial Innovation.
    Testing the Validity of Blue Ocean Strategy versus Competitive Strategy: An Analysis of the Retail Industry
    James Bond, Dunder Mifflin, and the Future of Product Placement
    Reassessing the risk conditions for political instability in the light of the Arab Spring
    Irish Conference on Game-Based Learning 2016
    Professor Gabriel Yiannis presentations at Trinity College
    Annual Ernest Goulding Memorial Lecture
    Visiting Fellowship Award
    Investing in Islamic art
    The changing landscape of global manufacturing
    Book Launch
    Increasing competitiveness of Irish companies