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Why Trinity

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The Trinity MBA was one of the first MBA programmes in Europe, and is situated within one of the oldest universities in the world. Trinity has a deep tradition of personalised, tutorial style learning. It has always been international in orientation, student population and staff training and background. It thrives on diversity and pluralism within an academic setting which is rigorous and inquisitive.

The Trinity MBA is an intensive and intimate programme designed to develop your general management and leadership skills so that you are: strategic in perspective; analytically competent; more creative and articulate; emotionally intelligent; and most importantly, capable of applying your skills in any context, in any industry.

The programme is distinguished by its strong international character and small class sizes. In this environment, you will experience a challenging developmental process that builds character and confidence and that fosters practical knowledge and sound judgement. The Trinity MBA will be a truly life-changing experience for you.

Personal Attention ... you're known by name, not a number.

The Trinity MBA is designed with small class sizes for greater individual attention. The programme allows for between 30-35 participants. This ensures that everyone features as an individual and contributes actively to discovering new and different perspectives. It allows for close, interactive, one-on-one working relationships between faculty and students, building on Trinity's 400 year tradition of tutorially orientated learning.

International Emphasis ... a global crossroads

In a global world, managers must be more culturally aware. Trinity MBA fosters cultural diversity and promotes learning across regional boundaries. The international character of the Class of 2013 is evident in the many nationalities represented and in its global work experience.

Academic leadership ... the path to success

Managerial success depends on acquiring and being able to skillfully use leading edge knowledge. The curriculum is committed to providing the best general management skills as a basis for competitive success in an international environment. The modular structure of the programme cumulatively develops the management skills of analysis and strategic decision-making, and culminates with the Company Project.

Reputation ... a continued tradition of excellence

"Will my MBA from Trinity be recognised abroad?" The simple answer is yes. Trinity College is one of the oldest and best-known universities in Europe. As the oldest university in Ireland, dating from 1592, Trinity has upheld a reputation of tradition and quality in education. Trinity College was one of the first European universities to offer an MBA programme in 1964. The Trinity MBA has developed continuously since then, and in 1999 it became the first Irish programme to receive international accreditation from the International Association of MBAs.

Business team having a meeting

Team working … the critical ability to work with others

One of the most distinctive features of the Trinity MBA lies in its unique design of enabling individuals to participate in teams. This team-based model provides participants with the opportunity to draw from the expertise and experience of other members of the class, adds significant value to the overall learning experience and develops robust competence in team working.

Career management & Personal development

Throughout the programme students develop in self awareness and self insight through a range of events, exercises, projects and classes which develop the key skills of communication, leadership, teamworking, relationship- management and conflict resolution. There is a continuing emphasis throughout the year on preparing students for their future careers, including coaching on key managerial skills, CV/Resume preparation, and practice interviews by professional recruiters. The Trinity Business Alumni provides valuable networking opportunities as well as a Mentoring programme which matches MBA students with experienced managers in their field. Throughout the MBA there is a programme of guidance and advice for individual students in their career planning and job search strategies.

Accreditation... quality assured

The Trinity MBA is one of a select number of MBA Programmes internationally accredited by AMBA (the Association of MBAs). AMBA provide the only dedicated accreditation regime for MBA Programmes - all other accreditation schemes accredit whole business schools, and all their degree programmes combined, rather than the MBA specifically. The Trinity Business School has chosen to work with and be accredited by ABMA for this reason of focus and specialist evaluation.

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Last updated 26 August 2014