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Copal Mathur, Full-time MBA Graduate 2013

Copal Mathur

Academic excellence and superb faculty is expected from a world class programme such as the Trinity MBA. I would like to mention the more intangible and, in my opinion, the more enduring lifelong benefit /advantage that the Trinity MBA has given me.

Doing the Trinity MBA was a life-changing experience for me. Coming from a non-profit management background, many facets of the world of business were new to me and I found the course to be of an exceptional quality and easy to follow. Being an international student and travelling to Europe for the first time added to my anxiety. The programme is designed and administered so seamlessly that I not only felt ‘the warm welcome’ but, my faculty and peers became a support system throughout my stay as well as a network for life. So much so, that I have decided to stay on in Ireland post the MBA to gain some international work experience.

The practical skills backed by academic knowledge have given me the confidence to pursue a career in any country, knowing I have the support of 25 brilliant peers from around the world in any journey I decide to undertake. This, for me, is the biggest strength of the Trinity MBA.


Michael Kennedy, Full-time MBA Graduate 2013

Michael Kennedy

A beautiful and historic campus setting, classmates from many different cultures and backgrounds, lecturers with interesting insights into current best industry practice and academic thinking, an intimate class-tutor environment, a focus on individual personal development, a team-based approach to assignments so essential in business today, and multiple company projects offering the immediate opportunity to apply academic learning; all of these made the Trinity MBA program a truly stimulating experience, and a very worthwhile investment in terms of both personal and professional development.


Padraig Rushe, Part-time MBA Graduate 2013

Padraig Rushe

The Trinity MBA provides a deep understanding of the classic and new disciplines of business management, preparing you to walk into any business or function and add value. What sets the Trinity MBA Programme apart is how they partner with industry giving you access to companies at Executive level. The programme develops your capacity to transform businesses and ensures you have real opportunity to test those skills with Industry Partners. 


Declan Doyle, Part-time MBA Graduate 2013

Declan Doyle

The Trinity MBA has enriched my understanding of the other key functions within my business such as HR, Operations and Marketing. The MBA does not give you a list of solutions to apply to well-known problems.  The MBA provides a framework within which you can develop your thinking on any key business challenge with a view to identifying the right solution. The MBA helps shifts thinking from the tactical to the strategic which is critical for anyone looking to join the C-suite.


Erin Malone, Full-time MBA Graduate 2013

Erin Malone

The Trinity MBA offers students an opportunity to develop their leadership and general management skills through an exceptionally interactive, team based approach to learning.  I found the intensive programme to be very much personalised while affording me with valuable one-on-one relationships with the faculty.  The programme has a strong International focus where students learn business principles relevant for a more global world.   During my time at Trinity I had the opportunity to work with some of the most remarkably dynamic individuals who came to the programme from all over the world.   I thoroughly enjoyed the Trinity MBA experience and will cherish not only the knowledge I gained but also the friendships that I made.


Ian Brady, Part-time MBA Graduate 2013

Ian Brady

The Trinity MBA has given me the confidence to move ahead in my career. It gave me the opportunity to step back and reflect on what I do, how well I do it and where I can improve together with the toolkit to progress. It has given me a much greater sense of appreciation for what it is to become strategically focused. But ultimately, it was the opportunity to apply my existing skillset coupled with those skills learned on the MBA in my own workplace that has proved most rewarding.



Imran Khan, Part-time MBA Graduate 2013

Imran Khan

The Trinity MBA gave me the opportunity to put myself on the forefront in dealing with strategic business issues. The School’s emphasis on collaboration, its focus on leadership and motivation, and the extensive global network of alums and faculty made Trinity College an obvious choice for me. The MBA program's focus on problem solving using real life scenarios was the perfect grounding for working in any fast-paced and dynamic business environment.

Learning from Trinity's formidable faculty in a beautiful campus right at the heart of Dublin made the whole experience unforgettable. Above all else, for me the friendships I formed with my classmates are priceless and have already paid great dividends. The MBA experience has definitely exceeded my expectations and in my opinion the Trinity MBA is not just a step in the right direction but a leap towards your professional goals.


Martina Donohue, Full-time MBA Graduate 2013

Martina Donohue

When I commenced the programme, I gave myself one year to challenge my thinking, change my outlook and choose my next step. This could not have been achieved without the remarkable opportunities and strategic tools afforded to me by the Trinity MBA. We received professional coaching which refined our leadership and management skills, engaged with world-class academic lectures with strong credible industry links, participated in an effective team-based model approach to project work and had the chance to work with exceptionally high-caliber classmates from diverse Industry sectors and nationalities.

In my opinion to operate in a progressive business environment you need to be equipped with solid leadership, analytical and interpersonal skills, all with a global perspective. In my experience during the Trinity MBA, these qualities were not only strengthened through the numerous case studies, presentations and reading materials, but ultimately having the opportunity to work alongside key national and international companies with a substantial global reach. The academic expectation was one thing, but the trinity alumni community has also proven to be a valuable investment to be part of when enhancing international business links.
The Trinity MBA has truly been one of the most profound experiences of my life to date.


Sean Court, Part-time MBA Graduate 2013

Sean Court

The part-time Trinity MBA programme offered me the ideal opportunity to broaden my financial and management skills while studying at one of the world’s most renowned and established universities. World-class lecturing staff coupled with extremely talented and diverse classmates, delivered a course that I found to be both academically relevant and truly inspirational.



Stephen Glavin, Full-time MBA Graduate 2013

Stephen Glavin

The Trinity MBA has been as fantastic experience.  I found the quality of the academic staff to be superb and that the programme is very well designed to combine academic teaching with hands-on learning experiences.  This combination really worked and I feel that I have developed in terms of management knowledge and skills and in personal competencies such as self-awareness, presentations, teamwork, leadership and negotiation.  The relatively small school and class size made it an intimate and enjoyable time with friendships formed with classmates and faculty alike.


Aidan Bodkin, Full-time MBA Graduate 2009

Aidan Bodkin

Doing the MBA gives you the opportunity to learn in three different areas, which is critical for your future success. You learn from world class lecturers, you learn about how others interact with you and finally most importantly for me you learn about yourself. These areas have been examined in both a class room environment and crucially in a real world situation with the company project. I can say that the learnings from my MBA have already been put into practise, in my first steps of starting a new business.



Kellyanne Dignan, Full-time MBA Graduate 2009

Kellyanne Dignan

The Trinity MBA provides students a mix of both academic theory and practical business experience. The academic ciriculum was designed in such a way that each subject builds on previous classes while at the same time complimenting both the classes and projects running concurently. Classes were taught in an interactive fashion, allowing me to build on my own experience by learning from my classmates as well as the lecturer. The lecturers were a perfectly balanced mix of Ireland’s brightest academic and business minds. Much of our academic work took the basic tenets of business theory and applied it to cases ripped from the pages of the Financial Times.

I think all my classmates would agree keeping the program small creates a collegiate envirnoment where everyone is known by name and student numbers must be looked up only if one is filling out university paperwork!  The program’s botique nature and emphasis on group work allows all students to excell in their strengths and allows for extra help in areas that are more challenging. The emphasis on group work was particularly important to me when picking this program and I was not disapointed. Modern business requires leaders who can work with different types of people in all kinds of environments and the Trinity MBA does a superb job at creating this environment.

Studying at Trinity gives you access to one of the world’s greatest universities just steps from one of Europe’s business centers. I consider the Trinity MBA to be one of the best decisions I ever made in my life and I am extremely proud of not only my own work but that of my classmates.


Elizabeth Gallagher, Full-time MBA Graduate 2009

Elizabeth Gallagher

The Trinity MBA programme absolutely delivered on its promise of quality lecturing and coursework. I have never worked so hard, nor felt so proud of the work I have accomplished than I did while undergoing the Trinity MBA. 

The quality of lecturers surpassed my expectations, and they represented a great blend of university and real world backgrounds. In the Trinity MBA, every student is pushed hard, encouraged to contribute, and expected to deliver at a very high standard. With such a small class, the lecturers and staff truly get to know the students and are very available to help, to bounce ideas off of, and to assist in career searches. 

By far, the best part of the programme was the selection of practical consulting projects with Irish companies. These projects were a phenomenal way to bring the courses to life and contribute in a real sense to the companies to which we were assigned.

Upon completion of the MBA programme, I feel that I not only furthered my intellectual growth through education, but also gained a valuable year of true work experience through the flagship 8-month company project. After speaking with several colleagues of mine in U.S. business schools, the coursework in the Trinity MBA seems to be absolutely on par with other well-ranked universities, but it surpasses the U.S. programmes in its application of coursework through the consulting projects. I continue to be very happy with my choice of attending Trinity College for its MBA programme, and would highly recommend it to anyone.


Joan Brogan, Full-time MBA Graduate 2009

Joan Brogan

I found the Trinity MBA to be a milestone in my professional and personal life. The intensity and breadth of the programme prepares you for high pressure situations, complex problem solving and work-life balancing that you can use in your approach to all challenges in your working life. This was my third academic qualification and rather than being weary from the academic format, I found some of the lecturers to be the most interesting and inspiring people I’ve met, their style particularly strengthened by the intimate class room environment. The lecturers were not only as learned and experienced as one would expect from Trinity, but knew the best way to us engage us and lead us toward honing our own business instincts and capacity for complexity and ambiguity. I personally believe this qualification will be a mark in the long run whereby everything will be judged on the basis of whether it came before or after the Trinity MBA.



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