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Programme Outline

The Trinity part-time MBA is offered over 2 years and is structured exactly the same way as the 12 month full time version of the programme in terms of academic content, modules and projects. The part time programme has been designed for delivery to busy managers, executives and business owners who need to balance their study with work commitments.

There are three terms in each of the two academic years with classes offered on  Monday and Tuesday evenings. Classes are held on a number of scheduled Saturday’s during term time (between 3 and 4 per term) but not through the summer and other vacation periods. In addition, participants attend 3 x 1 week block periods over the two years, the first at the start of term 1 in late September, the second at the start of term 2 in mid January and the third at the start of term 5 in May of the second year of the programme. This final block week is spent at the Irish College in Leuven, Belgium where participants focus on issues of regional management and strategy as well as negotiations workshops and briefings by senior European Commission. Hence, each of the block weeks are held in consecutive calendar years.

Module 1 –  Leadership & Teamwork
Module 2  - Understanding The Environment
Module 3 -   Managing The Functions
Module 4 -   Integrative Management Practice

A particular strength of the programme is the manner in which the learning is integrated through the three main projects. These show clear evidence that the programme is not just a collection of isolated topics. On the contrary the student journey builds up to a holistic application of all the learning to real issues in live organizations. The journey is illustrated in the figure below:

Module Graphic

Last updated 22 August 2014