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Company Project


Linking the Course Content with the practical world of management

Highly valued hallmark features of the Trinity MBA are the in-depth company projects.  Over the academic year the students, in small teams, are required to complete three “in-company” projects.  This involves working with blue chip corporates in a major company project, innovative high potential start up companies and social entrepreneurship organisations.  These projects integrate the theoretical coursework with action learning around critical issues in live organisations.  This is achieved through direct interaction with senior executives who are wrestling with strategic issues within those organisations.  The process grounds in reality the practical application of the knowledge acquired during the programme.  This means that although they have taken a year out to study for their MBA our students remain immersed in the real world of business during that year.

There are five stages through which the participants must work with their assigned company:

Stage 1

Industry Analysis

Assessing the competitive and market forces at work

Stage 2

Company Analysis

Assessing the company's strengths, weaknesses and competencies

Stage 3 Issue Identification

Comparison of company's competitive status with the industry's dynamics

Stage 4

Issue Analysis

In-depth analysis of a particular strategic issue

Stage 5


Practical, actionable, affordable recommendations to resolve the issue analysed

During these stages the groups are guided by a former lead partner from a major international consultancy group. For each of the five stages, members of each group are required to orally present their findings initially to faculty of the Trinity School Of Business and then to management of the company. Written reports are also submitted at each stage to the faculty and the company.

What Do Participating Companies Say?

The feedback that we have received from both alumni and the companies involved with these research projects has been very positive. Over 80 projects have been undertaken to date in organisations as diverse as Bank of Ireland, AIB, ESB, TSB, Intel, Brown Thomas, Fones Direct, Irish Life, Mitsubishi Ireland, Cantrell & Cochrane, Project Management Group, AXA Insurances, Arnotts, GE Capital, Fujitsu Consulting, Irish Ferries, Diageo, Independent News & Media, Oglivy & Mather, Clerys , Oracle and Eircom Broadband.

Company Projects 2008/9 – Testimonials

Hewlett Packard
"The MBA team at Trinity were most impressive. The research project that they undertook for Hewlett-Packard Ireland achieved the desired result. Their approach and analysis was second to none and hugely beneficial to HP. They made a real contribution. I am delighted that we participated in the programme".
Martin Murphy, Managing Director, HP Ireland


Zumo International
 “The in depth analysis of our business by the Trinity MBA team was hugely beneficial to our strategic thinking. It has informed much of our decision making since then. We regularly return to the findings and recommendations when we are planning for the future. We are delighted that we were chosen to engage with Trinity MBA in this process.” 
Cathal Power M.D. Zumo International (Finalist Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year 2008)


Hibernia College
"Hibernia College found the engagement with the Trinity MBA team to be an insightful, thought-provoking and highly valuable experience.  The team brought diverse experience and a fresh perspective to company processes and they demonstrated real commitment to making a difference within our organisation.  The process encouraged self-reflection and produced a wealth of ideas which have influenced our operational approach.  Our engagement with the MBA team yielded a high quality result which has impacted our strategic thinking and has added real value to the company".
Sean Rowland, CEO, Hibernia College (Winner of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year  Emerging Category 2008)


Bank of Ireland- First Rate Enterprises
Last week I bumped into one of the MBA group who worked on the First Rate business as part of his dissertation last year. The meeting prompted me to drop you a long over due note to say how impressed I was with the calibre of the group and the level of commitment, energy and creativity the members brought to the project.

I have to say my team and I found the process hugely valuable and constructive. At the outset I asked the group to stand back and take a truly objective and independent perspective on our business and put forward recommendations which would bring real strategic and economic value to our business. The group grasped the strategic and commercial imperatives very early on and consistently brought new and valuable insights to our many working sessions. In the end, the recommendations they put forward were well grounded in strategic and commercial logic.

From my perspective, the time my team and I gave to the group was time very well spent indeed. I would happily work with another Trinity MBA group again in the future.
Joe Redmond, Managing Director, Bank of Ireland, First Rate Enterprises.


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