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Information for Recruiters


Ireland has been the first economy to start recovering from the European economic crisis.  This has resulted in an increased demand for key talent across a range of industries and sectors.  Graduates of the Trinity MBA programme come from a diverse range of backgrounds but all have completed a rigorous and tough course designed to stretch them across a range of managerial disciplines and in-company projects.

Experiential learning is at the core of the Trinity MBA and our in-depth company projects ensure that our students have a unique, first-hand opportunity to apply what they have learnt in real-world global and local business settings.  Through this process candidates hone both    managerial and leadership skills to the extent that they are ready to make a strong and insightful contribution to any organisation they join upon graduation.

Whether your company is recruiting from the Trinity MBA programme for the first-time or you’re one of our long-standing corporate partners, please keep in touch with Ruth O’Leary (School of Business Career Development Officer) by email ( or phone (01-8964256).

We will keep you posted on the following:

  • Opportunities to meet our students and alumni
  • Identification of candidates to meet your specific needs
  • Provision of facilities on-campus for company presentations and/or interviews on campus
  • The MBA Yearbook which includes student profiles

Hiring International Students

International students often possess a unique set of skills and experiences that make them an asset to both Irish employers and multinational corporations, including the following:

  • Multilingual skills, multicultural perspectives, and awareness and knowledge of global business practices and markets
  • Ability to access a worldwide network of peers
  • Work experience within a multinational team environment
  • Strong work ethic, high degree of motivation, and ability to perform in today’s marketplace
  • Familiarity and understanding of international business practices

The Irish Government Third Level Graduate Scheme

The Irish Government Third Level Graduate Scheme allows non-EU students to work in Ireland in a full time capacity for a period of twelve months from the date of their examination results, after which time they may then apply for a Work Permit/Green Card.

This scheme is open to graduates of approved institutions and programmes, including the Trinity MBA Programme. Many non-EU graduates of the Trinity MBA programme have taken positions with multinational and indigenous companies under the scheme and have gone on to make significant contributions to their employer.


Last updated 8 April 2015