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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the emphasis of the Trinity MBA programme?

A. Trinity MBA aims to develop an integrative and integrated view of management with special emphasis on the perspective and skills of the general manager. It places special emphasis on the skills required for working in an international, multi-cultural environment.

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Q. How long is the programme?

A. The Trinity MBA is currently offered on a one year full-time basis and two year part-time basis. The programme runs from September each year to August of the following year.

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Q. What is the size of the MBA class?

A. The size of the class is deliberately kept small, between 30-40 in order to ensure individual attention for quality learning and interaction.

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Q. How "International" is the Trinity MBA?

A.The profile of the current class of 2013 exemplifies the international nature of the programme, with 16 nationalities represented across both full time and part time cohorts. The curriculum emphasises the importance of recognising the differences in doing business across borders. Trinity College has been well known globally for over 400 years and the Trinity MBA reputation is well recognised throughout Europe and world-wide.

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Q. Who attends the programme?

A. Trinity MBA participants have a significant amount of international managerial experience, and come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. The average age of participants is 30, with an average of 6 years work experience.

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Q. What are the admissions procedures and selection criteria?

A. Prospective applications are requested to submit an online application and send in scores from the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). Applicants are responsible for sending scores. Your application package must include:

  • completed application form,
  • official transcripts of undergraduate work,
  • official GMAT scores (send directly from GMAC),
  • official TOEFL or IELTS(if English is not your native language),
  • three essays,
  • two confidential recommendations,
  • your Curriculum Vitae,
  • and the application fee of €40.00. See details in the admissions section,
  • interview with programme director.

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Q. What is the minimum GMAT score?

A. The typical GMAT of an incoming MBA ranges between 600 and 650. The GMAT is only one of the many criteria used to select applicants, however, we will not normally admit an applicant with a score below 550.

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Q. Are interviews a part of the admissions process?

A. Yes, an interview is part of the admissions requirement and we strongly recommend a visit to the school as part of your selection process.

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Q. How many private or company-sponsored participants would you have in a class?

A. The number of private or company-sponsored participants varies from year to year, however the average is about 3-4 people.

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Q. What is the deadline for applying to your programme?

A. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. As we deliberately keep our class size small (between 30 and 40 students) we strongly recommend early application. Applications are reviewed regularly and you can expect to receive feedback within 2 to 3 weeks.

Applicants wishing to apply for scholarships should be accepted onto the programme prior to 1 April 2016 for first round consideration.

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Q. What does the tuition fee cover?

A. Tuition covers the full academic year and grants access to all College facilities, including the library, internet access, sports and general student services.

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Q. Is it possible to have a job during the full-time programme?

A. No, the full-time programme is an intensive one which requires full-time focus and attention.

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Q. How do the company projects work?

A. In order to link theoretical coursework to real strategic business situations, participants have the opportunity to identify and explore strategic issues within a company. Participants are divided into groups of 5-6 to work with senior management of a selected company. The Project is divided into 5 stages through which participants must analyse the industry and the company in order to identify a strategic issue and then analyse it in depth to actionable recommendations.

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Q. Does Trinity provide any facilities for MBAs with children?

A. Trinity College has a creche, or day care facility adjacent to the School of Business building. Please contact Creche/Day Nursery, 01-896 1938, for details on arranging childcare.

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Q. What Career Services are offered?

A. To assist Trinity MBA participants in planning their career paths, members of the Trinity College Careers Advisory Service provide seminars and tools as part of the overall education provided by the College. The Advisory Board of the Trinity School of Business also provide career advice and mock interviews.

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Q. Does Trinity organise Information Sessions on campus?

A. Open evenings are held throughout the year, but we encourage interested candidates to visit the school at any time. We can arrange for you to meet with current MBAs, to meet the programme team and to see our course facilities. In addition, Trinity MBA holds information sessions off-campus through attendance at GMAT and MBA fairs. Please check here for upcoming events.

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Q. What type of visa/permit do I need to study in Ireland?

A. For EU citizens, none is required. For non-EU citizens, a student visa is necessary. Please contact your local Irish consulate or embassy. If you choose to register in Ireland, you will need certain documentation from the School to enable you to enter the country. Early visa application (at least 3 months notice) is advised.

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Q. Do my credits from other schools transfer?

A. No, credits do not transfer. Because of the intense nature of the course, all students are required to take all courses regardless of their previous education and/or experience.

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Q. Is there accommodation on campus? What is the cost?

A. Most participants rent apartments off-campus within walking distance as it can be quite difficult to book on-campus housing. Accommodation is usually within the range of €600-€1000 per month. Please have a look at our Downloads and Links page for more information.

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Q. Can I send in my application before I take the GMAT test?

A. Yes, we encourage that you send in your application even though you have not taken your GMAT, provided that you take the test in time for the results to meet the deadline, applications may be submitted via our online application system

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Q. What are the entry requirements for the part-time programme?

A. The entry requirements for the part-time programme are:

  • managerial or professional work experience (min 3 years with an undergraduate degree, min 5 years with a professional qualification),
  • minimum GMAT score 550,
  • minimum age 25,
  • non-native English speakers: IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL IBT 90 / Paper-based 570,
  • interview with a member of staff.

Last updated 28 October 2015