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M. Sc. Finance Faculty

  • Prof. Brian Lucey, Professor of Finance, School of Business, TCD
  • Mr. Patrick McCabe, Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Business, TCD
  • Prof. Pearse Colbert, Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Business, TCD
  • Dr Gerard McHugh, Associate Professor of Business, School of Business, TCD
  • Dr. Aleksandar Sevic, Assistant Professor of Business & Course Director, School of Business, TCD
  • Dr. Jenny Berrill, Assistant Professor of Business, School of Business, TCD
  • Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev, Adjunct Lecturer, TCD
  • Prof. Eoin O’Neil, Trinity Enterprise Centre, TCD
  • Dr. Mike Peardon, School of Mathematics, TCD
  • Dr. Darach Golden support scientist at the Centre for High Performance Computing, TCD
  • Prof. Khurshid Ahmad, School of Computer Science & Statistics, TCD

The course will benefit from the input of senior practitioners in business, both as guest lecturers and seminar speakers.  These guests include:

  • Mr. Paul Kulkarni (Portfolio Manager at Multilateral Development Bank)
  • Prof Jerry Dwyer (Gerald P. Dwyer is Director of the Center for Financial Innovation and Stability at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Dr. Pat McConnell (Visiting Fellow at the Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre in Sydney, Australia)
  • Mr. Francois E. Aubert, MBA, CEFA, CAIA (Consultant in Private Banking)
  • Mr. Kevin McConnell (Bloxhams Stockbrokers)
  • Prof. Betty Simkins ( Oklahoma State University)
  • Dr. Daniel J. MacAuley (Goodbody Stockbrokers)
  • Mr. Dermot Hardy (Aareal Bank)
  • Mr. John Keogh (Managing Director at an international financial trading firm based in Dublin)
  • Mr. John O’Brien (Mercer)


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Last updated 22 August 2014