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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Our Recent Graduates





Rosalind Beere

Industry Evolution & Franchising – a study of the impact of franchising on evolving industry structure

James Quinn

Sheila Cannon



Gemma Donnelly-Cox

Ethel Claffey


Marketing & Digital Technology – Towards a model of technology-mediated consumer engagement: a social media perspective.

Mairead Brady

Jennifer Cowman

Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations – An investigation of the manifestation and impact of industrial relations conflict in Irish hospitals.

Mary Keating

Jackie Harrison


Gemma Donnelly-Cox

John Healy


Organization Theory– Institutional logics and field-level change processes.

Gemma Donnelly-Cox

Helen Marks


Industry Evolution & Branding – A study of the impact of brands and branding on evolving industry structure.

James Quinn

Brian Massey



James Quinn

Martha O’Hagan-Luff

International Finance – An investigation into the benefits of indirect international portfolio diversification via multinational companies, closed-end country funds, American depository receipts, iShares and industry indices.

Jenny Berrill