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Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repairs in residences are carried out by either staff from the Estates and Facilities Department or contractors appointed on a project by project basis. Service contracts have been placed with specialist companies for the maintenance of fire safety equipment, lifts etc. Except in the case of emergencies, work within residences is only carried out on the instructions of the Accommodation Office.


In addition, planned improvement projects and redecoration are undertaken throughout the year and residents are given as much notice as possible. The nature of some of these projects is such that residents may be requested to transfer to an alternative room for a short period while work is underway in their normal room.

Estates and Facilities Department

Most maintenance and repair work in residences is undertaken by the Area Executive Craftsperson (AEC) assigned to that area. AECs are qualified craftsmen with additional training for their role. They are familiar with both the installations and the common problems in the areas under their control. They also supervise any project work that takes place in their areas. The AECs are supported by other Estate and Facilities staff such as those dealing with mechanical and electric services, locksmiths and craftsmen in the workshops.

Reporting Maintenance

Report all maintenance to the Accommodation Office at the earliest opportunity. Do not leave urgent requests until late in the day as it is more difficult to arrange rectification. It is not necessary for you to attend your room while maintenance is carried out. The Accommodation Office will issue room keys to maintenance staff in order to facilitate access. Outside of office hours if you have a serious maintenance problem such as power failure, strong smell of gas, no heating or no hot water, contact the Front Gate on 8961317, or the Accommodation Office at Trinity Hall on 4971772, who will request a member of Estates and Facilities to attend.

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Last updated: November 04 2015
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