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Trinity College Dublin

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Early Arrival

For students whose lecture term starts earlier than 20th September for Campus and 15th September for Trinity Hall and who wish to take up residence before that date, please print off and complete this early arrival form :

Bedroom and Kitchen Package

For students coming from overseas to take up rooms in residence, a 'starter pack' may be purchased from the Housekeeping Department by early September. These packs are designed to equip a student from overseas with the basic items to set up 'home'. There are two packs available, one consisting of bedroom linen, quilt, pillow and the other pack consists of cooking utensils that include a frying pan, saucepans, cutlery and crockery. They are sold at cost price, and so are good value. You need to let the Accommodation Office know well in advance if you require a pack so that they can arrange to have one placed in your room on the day of your arrival. For details on what is included in the 'starter pack' please print off and complete the following form:

Download Bed and Kitchen Package (Opens in a new browser window)


On arrival to your room, you need to check the actual contents against the standard inventory. You should report any missing items, burn marks, tears in wallpaper etc. This is to ensure that you are not charged for these items when you leave.


Extension of Tenancy

Extensions can be arranged for a period not normally extending beyond the day following your final examination. Extensions can be requested online at : https://accommodation.tcd.ie/StudentBookings/   and must be submitted by Wednesday the 18th of April. Students may extend, based on the rates set out for each day required from 12th May for Campus and from 25th May for Trinity Hall.

Trinity Hall Summer Accommodation Form


Staff Application Forms

For Staff application forms, please visit our 'How to Apply' section in Staff/Family Rooms.

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Last updated: August 31 2017
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