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Trinity College Dublin

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Food & Cooking

For more information visit our 'Catering' section

There are a variety of options available from the Catering Department on campus. Commons is served during the academic year at 6.15pm in the main Dining Hall, and the meal consists of soup, main course and dessert. To dine at Commons you need to register and pay in either the Catering Offices, in the Catering Building or the Enquiries Office in Front Square before 3.30pm on the day prior to attending Commons. If you would like to find out more information on the Catering Department, please visit our 'Student Outlets' section in 'Catering'.


If you prefer there is a great selection of inexpensive and not so cheap places to eat within a short walking distance of College ranging from Vegetarian, Thai, Chinese, Pizza, to Noodle Houses and mainstream fast food restaurants. Watch out for places that offer early bird menus, student specials or student discounts.

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Last updated: June 09 2011
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