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Student Registration/Registration History Letter Request

For faster turnaround time please request your letter by phone (+353 18964500) or call into our Service Desk in the Watts Building.


Please complete the form below in as much detail as possible. It is essential to complete all mandatory fields which are marked*. Letters of Certification of Registration will be sent to either your home or term address as specified, or can be collected from the Academic Registry Service Desk if requested. Letters require a minimum of 1 working day to issue and you are advised to allow a minimum of 5-6 working days notice for your request during busy periods. When requesting a letter the student/graduate can give permission for their letter to be collected by a third party who may then collect on presentation of valid photo ID.

Undergraduate: Postgraduate:

Student Registration Letter with address (e.g. for banking)
Standard Student Registration Letter (no address)
Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB)
Graduate Registration History Letter
Receipts of Fees Paid



Sent to Permanent Home Address on student record
Sent to Term Address on student record
Left for collection at Academic Registry Service Desk
Sent to your TCD email account

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