Statistical Reporting

The Academic Registry is responsible for producing official statistical data and reports in respect of the College's student body. Such data is used by College and Government, public bodies and other organisations.

Statutory Reporting Requirements

  1. The College is obliged to return statistical information to the Higher Education Authority (HEA) in respect of all registered students biannually, and graduates in respect of the previous academic year annually.
  2. The HEA requires all third level institutions to conduct a survey in respect of the social, economic and cultural background of all undergraduate new entrants. The purpose of the HEA seeking this information is two-fold. Firstly, to measure the extent to which people with a disability, of different ages, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds are participating in higher education, and secondly, to help put in place services and supports for students so that they can successfully participate in and complete higher education.
  3. In accordance with the terms and conditions of registration, identifiable personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without permission; these data will be used to produce non-personal statistical information; individual student data will be returned without names and addresses to the HEA.
  4. Selected data will be provided to relevant bodies where there is a statutory obligation on the College to do so, such as to the Department of Social and Family Affairs.
  5. Where appropriate, identifiable information will be provided to the appropriate grant or funding authority in respect of a student’s registration status, and academic performance.


Making a Request

All requests for student statistical data should be made in writing by emailing the Academic Registry in the first instance. Please ensure that you include your contact details so that you may be contacted in the event that clarification is required.

Compliance with Data Protection

The College will not process personal data, other than as permitted by law. Those providing personal data have the right to access those data and the right to rectify them. Personal data will be processed by the University of Dublin, Trinity College, in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003.

Ad hoc requests

The Academic Registry handles numerous ad hoc requests for reports and statistical information. Where deemed appropriate, information, which is not personally identifiable, will be provided for statistical purposes upon written request.

Ad hoc internal requests for information are received from College offices, faculties, schools, disciplines, administrative offices within College, and students. External requests are received from government departments, state agencies, local authorities, foreign agencies, educational institutions, and individuals.