Examinations & Assessment

Student Guidelines

Students are required to familiarise themselves with and abide by the guidelines for students at examinations and to follow all instructions given by invigilators.

  • Guidelines for Students at Examinations (PDF, 57KB - Updated March 2016)
  • Examination Venues
  • Anonymous assessment numbers are available at my.tcd.ie. Students should log on to their own personal portal page, select My Exams and then select My Exam Number. Students should retrieve their anonymous assessment number prior to attending their assessment.


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Use of calculators, dictionaries and other reference materials in examinations

The make and model number of any calculator used in an examination must be recorded by the candidate on each answer booklet. Other electronic devices, including programmable calculators, mobile telephones, are not permitted in any examination venue.

The use of dictionaries is not permitted.

During an examination, candidates will be permitted to use only such reference materials as have been issued or authorised by the examiners.

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Students permitted to take assessment while off books

Students with permission to go off books for an academic year and to be assessed in that year are advised to consult with their School, Department or Course Office to confirm their assessment requirements while off-books.

The examination fee of €382 should be paid via your student portal, my.tcd.ie in advance of the assessment session. If a student has any queries regarding their payment of this examination fee they should contact the Academic Registry.

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Absence from an examination

In the event that you are unable to attend an examination you contact your college tutor or supervisor immediately, please refer to the Senior Tutor's website for more information.

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Students with reasonable accommodations

Students who require reasonable accommodations should consult the Disability Service website.

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