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Student Guide

The Academic Registry is responsible for the efficient and effective running of all examinations in the University

Student Guidelines

Students are required to familiarise themselves with and adhere to the guidelines for students at examinations and to follow all instructions given by invigilators.

My exam number

Your exam number is available at Students should log on to their own personal portal page, select My Exams and then select My Exam Number. Students should retrieve their exam number prior to attending their examination.

Reasonable accommodations

Students who require reasonable accommodations at examinations should consult with the Disability Service Office.

Use of calculators, dictionaries and other reference materials in examinations

The make and model number of any calculator used in an examination must be recorded by the candidate on each answer booklet. Other electronic devices, including programmable calculators, mobile telephones, are not permitted in any examination venue.

The use of dictionaries is not permitted.

During an examination, candidates will be permitted to use only such reference materials as have been issued or authorised by the examiners.

My results

Examination results are published on the portal and managed by your school/course office.

  • Appeal Process- Details can be found on the Senior Tutor's Website
  • Recheck- Details on how to request a recheck can be found on the Senior Tutor's Website
  • For Erasmus and Visiting students a transcript of their results will be sent to their home institution. For Michaelmas term students transcrtips will be sent in February, for Hilary and full year students this will take place in July.


Gold medals are awarded by the Board of Trinity College to candidates of the first class who have shown exceptional merit at degree examinations in honor or professional courses. The Board of Trinity College has approved specific Criteria for the Award of Gold Medals which should be incorporated into the examination regulations for each course.

It is the responsibility of the Chair of the Court of Examiners to forward recommendations by submitting the Gold Medal Nomination form for the award of gold medals to the Senior Lecturer in accordance with the criteria applicable to the course in question. Recommendations are considered by the Board of Trinity College at a meeting in the Michaelmas term. Successful candidates are informed of their award in writing by the Senior Lecturer.